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An Easy Win Chaotic Crisis
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Tom and Sarah square off in Battledrome Hortekk while Peyton and Kaz attempt to obtain a scan of the Flux Bauble.


A friendly game of Chaotic quickly turns tense as Tom and Sarah go head-to-head in BattleDrome Hotekk. Meanwhile, Kaz and Peyton go after a scan of the Flux Bauble--and quickly find themselves trapped in a furious flux-fight between Mipedians and UnderWorlders! Will the boys survive their jolting journey across Perim?

BattleDrome Match-up

Tom and Sarah have an Overworlders vs. Danians battle.

Tom uses Tangath Toborn, Xaerv

Sarah uses Wamma, Lore, Ekuud

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The Episode's title A Flux Too Far is a reference to the Second World War movie A Bridge Too Far




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