Peyton and Kaz attempt to obtain a scan of the Flux Bauble, which takes them on a difficult adventure through Perim. Meanwhile, in chaotic, Sarah complains about how a person she was suppsoed to battle ditched out on her match. Tom and Sarah then decide to battle, but promise to not get out of control.

Peyton and Kaz are sent to Glacier Planes after the flux bauble is activated-unfortunatly, A few Mipedians, Khybon and Jigerex are sent along as well. The constant fighting between the two tribes knocks the Flux Bauble around quite a bit. Eventually Peyton and Kaz find it, and Flux to the Strom Tunnel.

Sarah and Tom's match is starting to heat up as one after another they win against each other. They soon both get a bit too competitive.

At the Storm Tunnel, Kaz loses is scanner and has to go after it. Upon doing so he endangers his life, and Peytons, when they are nearly torn to bits by the giant rocks that fuel the Tunnel. Luckily the baubles Flux button is pressed, and Kaz and Peyton are transported to a tropical are of Perim.

Sarah wins the match and her and Tom soon make amends for their bad behaviour, but schedule a rematch in the following days.

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