"Impossible, modern scholars have uncovered a lost Tribe called the M'arrillians, but they confirmed they didn't exist"
―Agitos, Came From the Deep

Character Origins

Not much is really known about the present version of Agitos. However, the present version of Agitos is nothing like his original. Maybe other than the design (Not the color but just the body figure). But in the original TCG Agitos is really a Coward, not to mention slow and not that very strong. His only advatage is that he is very smart.

His Original stats are:

Spell = 0 Wisdom = 85 Power = 35 Courage =65 Speed = 25

Agitos lives in a location found in the UnderWorld and is known only as "The Speakers Room". The Speakers Room is also where he talks to the UnderWorld armies before they go into combat. He is like a motivational speaker. He often gives the UnderWorlders the courage needed to fight the battle and come out alive. When he speaks to them with his Victorious speeches he makes them feel as if they are already Heroes. But the sad truth is, Agitos is scared himself. He is avalible as his second version in booster packs and in scanner tins (he will be visible in a window on the front).


Agitos is a large, blue lizard-like creature with red hair-like scales and an orange underbelly. Agitos wears absolutely nothing.

Background Information

Agitos is a wise member of the UnderWorld tribe is held in high regard by his tribesmen. He is a strong proponent of his tribe's values.

Personality and Behavior


Agitos is always seen by Chaor's side except when Chaor has a mission. If that is the case he is helping run the Underworld and keeping others in line.

Agitos was mostly seen in matches and little or no air time. When Phlepor was released he doubted the existence of the M'arillains but was proven wrong when the doors of the Deepmines opened. Agitos later went into training to improve himself to fight the new enemy and succeeded. Agitos now goes by the name Agitos, the Eloquent Motivator. He is now ready to face the new threat to his people.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies







Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :


Mug-uw : Deal 5 damage to target creature.


Release and Promotion

This card was released as a "Beyond Rare" virtual card, as part of a promotion. It was said that these cards would never be re-released again.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
11 Lord of Treachery No Yes
17 Scavenger Scan No Yes
22 ChaotiKings Yes No
44 Colosseum Showdown No Yes
52 From the Deep (Part One) No Yes
53 From the Deep (Part Two) No Yes
63 UnderWorld Overthrown No Yes
68 Perithon! No Yes


Mentioned by Peyton, but not seen, in the episode.
When Kaz faces off against hammerdoom chantcaller, Agitos is the announcer of battles.

Cards and Scans


"quote text"
―attribution, episode



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