Agro999 is a minor character in Chaotic.


Agro999's real name is Tank. He battled Tom in 'The Thing about Bodal'. In the first battle of the match, he chose Tangath Toborn to attack Tom's Maxxor. At first, it seemed like Tom would lose the battle easily. But after casting The Song of Resurgence, Tom/Maxxor took out Tank/Tangath Toborn with the Liquilizer. But Tank was still determined to take Maxxor down. He hit Tom with everything he had. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't enough. Tom/Maxxor wiped out Ulfhedinn, Blazier, Staluk, Velreth, and Raimusa. But Tank/Raimusa cast the Chorus of Cothica which enabled him to cast the underworld mugic called Song of Returning. He used it to revive his Tangath Toborn. This time Tank/Tangath Toborn defeated Tom/Maxxor then he beat Gespedan, Ettala, Xaerv,and Dractyl. But with a good combination of location and creature, Tom/Bodal managed to defeat Tank/Tangath Toborn.

Tank made another appearance in 'Trading Cards'. Tank/Velreth lost to Brad/Tartarek (Brad's screenname is Tartareker). Tom tried to cheer him up, but Tank thought Tom was bragging that he was a better Chaotic player than him. But when Tank heard that Peyton needed a Ribbian scan to trade with a girl named Tila, Tank said he had a Ribbian scan Peyton could have. But the catch was that Tom had to beat Tartareker in a match without losing a battle, which he did.

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