"This is for what you M'arrillians did to the riverlands!"
―Akkerean, Legions of Aa'une

Akkrean is an OverWorld Creature.

Creature Information

Akkrean was present during the Fight at Kiru City in the episode Legions of Aa'une‏‏ as part of the forces led by Takinom.


Akkrean is an anthromorphic owl wearing a white robe under a green tunic, and a necklace with large blue beads.

The Card

Stats and Card text

Stat Courage Courage :
40 (30—50)
Stat Power Power :
40 (30—50)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
70 (60—80)
Stat Speed Speed :
45 (35—55)
Energy :
35 (30—40)
Mug-ow: Deal 10 Damage to Target Creature on your Side of the Battleboard.
Rarely do enemies enter his lands...and rarely do they leave unscathed.



TV Show

Card Owners

Creature Appearances

  1. Legions of Aa'une
  2. Yesterday's Heroes

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