Antidaeon is an OverWorld Creature that resembles humanoid duck.


He resembles a light-blue feathered humanoid duck wearing armor on his arms and knees, as well as yellow-green pants. He has a large yellow-orange beak and tufts of feathers on his forehead.

Character History

Antidaeon has his own submarine called The Nemesis which he uses to patrol the many water ways of Perim. Although he may not look like it, he is Mezzmar's brother.

In the Show

Antidaeon's first major role in the show was in the episode "The Curse of Kor-bek" where he met up with Tom and the gang saving them from Nauthilax. Tom and the others helped him recover a chest Mugics all them being "The Song of Stasis" which used later to paralyze Nauthilax.

His appearance had changed in between season one and two. In season one, ALL of his head feathers were a much lighter blue then the body's, instead of just the top of his head, and he had aquamarine, hairy eyebrows. His pectorals were also a lighter shade, though they might have been armor pieces. The skin in between his flippers are also brown, and he wears the green pants and belt, and also the chest strap-the pants are long, resembling a bottom half of a suit instead of the shorts on the card, however.

In season two, he resembled the card much more, his body one stagnate color, barring the slightly lighter head feathers. His pants are still long.


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
25 The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 2 Yes No
30 The Curse of Kor-Bek No Yes
48 Mega Match Yes No




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