September 2008 Updates

by Khlieeq - 2008-09-16

It's now September, and the start of a whole new season of Chaotic. The brand new "M'arillian Invasion" season, which debuted in the US on 4Kids TV with A Rare Hazzard this past Saturday, has a complete new look, and to coincide with that we here at Chaotiki decided that it was time for a little aesthetic revamp.

And here it is, you're now looking at our new light-on-dark theme. You might also notice that the infoboxes were changed a little while ago too, now we've given them a new lick of paint to match with the darker colour scheme.

Also I'd like to thank Kirkburn of the Wikia staff, who previously made a few adjustments to the main page

In other news, last Wednesday (nope no black hole, :P) Wikia upgraded all of their wikis to MediaWiki 1.13.1, the latest stable release of the software. If you do notice any abnormal behaviour, please report it on this forum page.

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