Ash Torrent is an Attack Card.

"'Ash Torrent is an Earth and Fire Attack, but any Creature with great Power will find it useful.'"
―Portal to Perim,

Attack Origins

Background Information

With Ash Torrent, the wielder sends forth a violent, smoky spray against an opponent. This blinding blast of ash deals both Earth and Fire damage, and, if the wielder is significantly stronger than the target, the force of the Torrent will deal extra damage. Two famous OverWorld Heroes -- Maxxor and Tangath Toborn -- are renowned for their mastery of the Ash Torrent.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 1
Base Damage : 0
Fire Damage : 5
Air Damage : 0
Earth Damage : 5
Water Damage : 0


Challenge Stat Power Power 15: Deal 10 damage.

Insight on Card Abilities



With a Build Cost of 1, Ash Torrent is a cheap Attack for those who are skilled in the use of Earth and Fire. It deals 5 Fire and Earth damage, and a successful power Challenge deals 10 damage.


There are currently no promotions for this card.

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