Aszil is a Danian creature and the current Danian Queen.

Creature Information

Aszil was crowned during a magnificent coronation ceremony at Mount Pillar that was a testament to the glory of the Hive. After her appointment Aszil changed the focus of Mount Pillar to research and mastery of the Elements while Illexia with her blessing led a great amount of Danians to the nest of the ancestors to study infection and ancestral calling.

Aszil's next move was to secure and entrance to Kaizeph via the Tremor Gate. This coincided with Lord Van Bloot approaching the Danians with an offer to assist with Aszil's plans in return for access to Kaizeph's Earth quarter and a nonaggression treaty with Mount Pillar. Aszil accepted this offer with full knowledge of Van Bloot's treacherous nature. Apparently she has plans of her own.


Queen Aszil is the most majestic and powerful of all Danians .Aszil is smaller then her predecessor Illexia, and her exoskeleton is slender and elegant. Her form is more humanoid then other Danians.

She is a towering Danian with a black and red chitinous hide, somewhat resembling a black widow spider. She is arguably the most intimidating of all the the Danians in terms of appearance.

The Card

Stats and Card text

Stat Courage Courage :
80 (70–90)
Stat Power Power :
30 (20–40)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
85 (75–95)
Stat Speed Speed :
35 (25–45)
Energy :
60 (55–65)
At the beginning of combat Danians you control gain Earth

Hive: Mandilblors you control gain Earth 5

Queen of the Danians. Ruler of the Hive. Fate of Perim.


Fire and Stone

Battle Strategies

She works perfectly with Mandiblors which don't have earth and have other elements like water as she gives Mandiblors both earth and earth 5!

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