"As his enemy sprouted antennae, Balaan new his queen would be proud"
―Card Text


Balaan’s appearance is typical of a Danian. His strong body – clad in a hard, red exoskeleton with green markings – fits perfectly with the strenuous life in Mount Pillar.

Background Information

As a Danian Squadleader, Balaan serves the Hive by leading a squad of Mandiblors stationed near the subterranean Mount Pillar reservoir. He has sworn allegiance to Hive Queen Illexia and serves the Hive with utter devotion. No sacrifice is too great in order to serve the Hive Queen. Balaan’s strength is neither physical nor Elemental. It stems from his strong connection to the Hive, which will answer his every call.

Special Abilities

When necessary, Balaan can activate the Hive, albeit at a high cost. When Balaan is defeated, his powerful Hive presence lingers as the ability to Infect opponents with the Danian Parasites.


Balaan is a dangerous Danian Squadleader who has truly become one with the Hive.

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :