Barath Beyond is one of the most unusual-looking Creatures in the UnderWorld. With his inorganic, seemingly robotic body, Barath Beyond appears to be a totally different species from the rest of Perim’s Creatures. Some believe he was forged from discarded pieces of Battlegear, and that Barath Beyond can tap into the memories of long forgotten battles directly through his bizarre body.

Background Information

Whether Barath Beyond was born or manufactured is a question that may remain unanswered for ages. What’s not in doubt is the fact that Barath Beyond is always a formidable opponent in battle. Through years of experience he has mastered the use of Mugic, Elemental strengths, and many other personal skills. Though Barath Beyond is undoubtedly a mighty Underworld Warrior, his one weakness is a major one: Recklessness sometimes clouds his judgment and leads to his defeat.

Special Abilities

As a result of many years of battle experience, Barath Beyond has mastered the use of Fire Attacks and Battlegear.

Basic Stats

Barrath Beyond

Stat Courage Courage :
40 (30–50)
Stat Power Power :
85 (95–75)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
15 (5–25)
Stat Speed Speed :
65 (55–75)
Energy :
60 (55–65)
Element fire Fire 5

Intimidate Power 10

Recklessness 5

Barrath Beyond Underworld General

Stat Courage Courage :
40 (30–50)
Stat Power Power :
90 (80–100)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
20 (10–30)
Stat Speed Speed :
75 (65–85)
Energy :
60 (55–65)
Sacrifice a Creature while Barrath Beyond is engaged: if you sacrificed,

an Overworlder: negate target Mugic;

a Mipedian: the next attack played by Barrath Beyond deals an additional 20 damage;

a Danian: Barath Beyond gains 30 energy

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
8 Everything is in Flux Yes No
18 Allmageddon (episode) Yes No
19 A Fearsome Fate Yes No
31 Fire Fighters Yes No

Card Owners


"He who says war is not the way...never won a war." -Barath Beyond


  • He, along with Tangath Toborn, was one of the two generals that made an apparition on the TV series.