Battleboarder (real name Drew) is a skateboarding player first seen in the episode "Allmageddon" Everyone wanted to battle him because his Hoton could use Allmageddon, an attack which defeated any enemy in one shot. After Tom, Kaz, and Sarah lose to him, they go to Perim to find Hoton, only to find him weakened and hopelessly trying to rebuild something. They learn from Vidav that when using Allmageddon to save his village from Underworld raiders, Hoton actually destroyed it by mistake. Later, Peyton battles Battleboarder. Using one of his innovative strategies that Tom and co. helped him set up, Peyton beat Hoton and Allmageddon, winning the match.Drew was impressive stated that winning was fine but was it was boring that he know he would win 

Chaotic Team

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