BattleDromes are where the players of Chaotic battle.

The show has only referred to five of the BattleDromes.There are at least seven in all. Each Drome has a CodeMaster and is named after their respective CodeMaster (excluding the BetaDrome which either has no CodeMaster, or the CodeMaster is never there). Below are a list of some of the Dromes:

Crellan Drome

"Welcome to Chaotic"

Crellan Drome

Upon arriving in Chaotic, MajorTom's first match is a 1-on-1 battle against SamShady in the Crellan Drome. MajorTom's Maxxor battles against SamShady's Takinom in the Glacier Plains - ultimately emerging victories.


MajorTom battles PeytonicMaster in the Crellan Drome - utilizing Maxxor against PeytonicMaster's Zhade in the Riverlands. Though PeytonicMaster attempts to provide MajorTom with tips throughout the battle, Peytonic Master is victorious in the end.

"Over Under Rent Asunder"

KidChaor faces Herculeon in the Crellan Drome in a bid to prove the better Tribe: Overworld or Underworld.

  • Takinom vs Crawsectus @ Skeleton Springs
  • Takinom vs Heptadd @ The Lava Pond
    • Herculeon uses Tartarek's special ability, switching out Heptadd for Tartarek
    • Pyrithion and Ghuul are sacrificed in order to heal Takinom.
  • Takinom vs Heptadd @ Ravanaugh Ridge
    • Song of Revival brings back Pyrithion, to be sacrificed in order to heal Takinom.

The end result of the battle, Herculeon is victorious over KidChaor.

"Crash Course"

KidChaor and Klayotic go head to head in the Crellan Drome, with KidChaor using Zhade, Blaizer, and Chaor in his army, while Klayotic makes use of Dardemus, Pyrithion, and Ulmar.

  • Zhade vs Dardemus @ Skeleton Springs
  • Blaizer vs Pyrithion @ The Riverlands
  • Zhade vs Pyrithion
  • Chaor vs Pyrithion @ Danian Hall
  • Chaor vs Ulmar @ Fear Valley

Though both KidChaor and Klayotic were evenly matched with thier Vile Drivers, KidChaor used his knowledge of how to destroy the BattleGear in order to charge it into Klayotic's own Viledriver, while Chaor was ejected, resulting in Ulmar's destruction and earning KidChaor the victory.

"Buggin' Out"

MajorTom faced off against a Danian player in his next battle in the Crellan Drome - though this proved to be a challenge, as he was unfamiliar with battle strategy against Danians. As a result, MajorTom was down to his final Creature, Tangath Toborn, while his unnamed opponent still had his Lhad, Hota, Wamma, and Junda. In the final match between them, Tangath Toborn was moved adjacent to Lhad, who he then attacked - only to be swiftly defeated.


KidChaor wins a match against an unknown Player in the Crellan Drome, utilizing Solvis against his opponent's Ekuud in order to clinch the victory - which attracts the attention of the ChaotiKings.

Later, ChaotiKingDrake faces one of the prospects looking to join the ChaotiKings. Dractyl was known to have been on ChaotiKingDrake's team, while his opponent used Zhade, Vinta, Siado, Ubliqun, and Malvadine - though they were defeated and thereby not welcomed into the ChaotiKings.

"Codemaster Chronicles"

After having earned seven wins in the Crellan Drome, MajorTom is challenged by Codemaster Crellan. MajorTom builds an army of Overworlders, including Maxxor, Antidaeon, Tangath Toborn, Deenha, Tartarek, and Blaizer, while Codemaster Crellan uses all Tribeless Creatures: Ursis, Cromaxx, Proboscar, Smildon, Glektod, and Ariak. Both players used a basic structure for strategy, with their powerhouses making up the front line to protect the Mugic users in the back. .

  • Maxxor vs Smildon @ Pouril Forest
    • MajorTom equipped Maxxor with a Skeletal Steed in order to allow him to move past the front line and attack at the heart of Codemaster Crellan's army.
  • Maxxor vs Glektod @ Shakree Flats
  • Tangath Toborn vs Ursis @ Gloomuck Swamp.
    • Ursis is sacrificed by Codemaster Crellan to trigger his special ability, allowing him to move Cromaxx to the heart of Tom's army.
  • Blaizer vs Cromaxx @ Prexxor Chasm
  • Deenha vs Cromaxx @ Skeleton Springs
    • Ariak revives Cromaxx
  • Deenha vs Cromaxx
    • Codemaster Crellan triggers Proboscar's "Reach" ability, allowing him to move to any open space on the board, with Crellan moving Proboscar back to protect Ariak.
  • Tartarek vs Cromaxx
    • Ariak revives Cromaxx
  • Tangath Toborn vs Cromaxx
    • The Song of Returning revives Maxxor
  • Antidaeon vs Glektod
  • Antidaeon vs Proboscar
  • Maxxor vs Proboscar
  • Tartarek vs Cromaxx
  • Maxxor vs Ariak
  • Maxxor vs Cromaxx

As a reward for his hard-fought victory over Codemaster Crellan, MajorTom receives a scan of Prexxor Chasm.

Hotekk Drome

"The Things About Bodal"

Hotekk Drome S2

In the Hotekk Drome's first appearance, MajorTom faced off against fellow Overworld player Agro999. MajorTom's army was composed of Gespeden, Maxxor, Ettala, Dractyl, Xaerv, and Bodal - as he'd agreed to put Bodal on his team in his next Chaotic match in return for Bodal saving his life from Spyder in Kiru City. Agro999's army was composed of Blaizer, Ulfhedinn, Tangath Toborn, Velreth, Staluk, and Raimusa.

  • Maxxor vs Tangath Toborn @ The Forest of Life
  • Maxxor vs Ulfhedinn
  • Maxxor vs Blaizer
  • Maxxor vs Staluk
  • Maxxor vs Velreth
  • Maxxor vs Raimusa
    • The Song of Returning revives Tangath Toborn
  • Maxxor vs Tangath Toborn @ Glacier Plains
  • Gespeden vs Tangath Toborn
  • Ettala vs Tangath Toborn
  • Xaerv vs Tangath Toborn
  • Dractyl vs Tangath Toborn
  • Bodal vs Tangath Toborn @ Kiru City

MajorTom swept Agro999 with Maxxor through the first six battles - but when Agro999 brought back Tangath Toborn - MajorTom's cockiness allowed him to get distracted, resulting in his descent down a waterfall and inevitable defeat. From there Tangath Toborn defeated each of MajorTom's Creatures until Bodal was all that was left. However, because the final Location was Kiru City, MajorTom was able to tap into Bodal's memories and outmaneuver Tangath - clinching MajorTom his first win in the Hotekk Drome in a major upset.


In attempting to prove himself worthy of joining the ChaotiKings, KidChaar faced ChaoticKingRJ in the Hotekk Drome. KidChaor needed to defeat the ChaotiKing - who favored Danians - in order to move on to the next round, after which he'd be welcomed among the ranks of the ChaotiKings. KidChaor's army was composed of Agitos, Raran, Kuhgar, Pyrithion, Ghuul and Chaor, while ChaoticKingRJ's army was Ibiaan, Lhad, Mallash, Skartalas, Hota and Galin. The first battle was between Raran and Galin at Mount Pillar - and though Galin's Hive gave him quite the advantage over Raran - KidChaor evened the odds by using Mugic to target ChaotiKingRJ's Mandiblors - destroying Hota and Ibiaan in order to weaken Galin. Galin was ultimately destroyed by Raran, who ensured that Galin wet his feet so that he could be electrocuted. Though it is unknown how the rest of the battles played out, in the end KidChaor was victorious.

"A Flux Too Far"

When ChaotiKween's opponent fails to show up for their Drome Match, MajorTom elects that the two of them have a friendly competition instead. ChaotiKween's Danian army includes Ibiaan, Wamma, Hota, Lore, Skartalas, and Velanii Levaan, while MajorTom's Overworld army is built to include Maxxor, Xaerv, Zalic, Arias, Vidav, and Donmar.

  • Wamma vs Xaerv @ The Labyrinth of Linsic
  • Valanii Levaan vs Zalic @ Mount Pillar
    • Eight battles are not shown, but the result is that only Lore and Maxxor remain on the Battle Board.
  • Lore vs Maxxor

Though it is a close battle, ChaotiKween emerges victorious against MajorTom.

"When A Codemaster Calls"

PeytonicMaster has a match against Ulmanator in the Hotekk Drome, in which the final battle pits PeytonicMaster's Vinta against Ulmanator's Ulmar in Rao'pa Sahkk. However, when Ulmar uses his Reality Field Generator, it disperses the Mipedian Mirage Location in favor of The Forest of Life during Aichlyys - during which Mipedian's cannot use their invisibility. Even so, the ending result is still in PeytonicMaster's favor, as he earns the victory against Ulmanator.

"Hotekk's Challenge"

In pursuit of his seventh win in the Hotekk Drome, MajorTom ends up battling an unknown Player. In the final battle, MajorTom's Tangath Toborn is pitted against his opponents Nunk'worn in the Shardcrafter's Workshop, preventing Tangath Toborn from eliminating the shard that Nunk'worn has equipped. Instead, Tangath Toborn uses his environment to his advantage, triggering a cave in behind Nunk'worn that crushes his opponent and earns him his seventh win in the Hotekk Drome.

Soon after, Codemaster Hotekk challenges MajorTom to a battle, and in order to prepare for it, MajorTom goes on a scan quest in order scan Mommark whilst he's undergoing experiments on himself with Gespeden regarding lightning and speed increase. Next is Hoton - as Vidav has been using Mugic to replenish Hoton's strength. Then Wrenges while he's amped up in the Overworld Training Grounds. Then Owis - as he'd befriended Dardemus during the alliance and Dardemus was teaching Owis how to do fire attacks. Finally, Ikkatosh - as Ikkatosh gains boosts in stats for being an Aich Tree during Aichlyys. MajorTom then adds each of these Creatures to his army, alongside Maxxor, Protector of Perim. Meanwhile, Codemaster Hotekk's Army is composed of Ixxik, Neerig, Rav, Kkraa, Xulvux, and Og.

  • Maxxor vs Ixxik @ Glacier Plains
  • Mommark vs Neerig @ Rotsnag Bog
    • Neerig casts Enigmatic Etude - though MajorTom is confused when the Mugic does nothing.
  • Wrenges vs Rav
  • Wrenges vs Kkraa
  • Mommark vs Xulvux @ Kiru City
  • Mommark vs Ixxik
  • Hoton vs Kkraa @ Gigantemtopolis
  • Ikkatosh vs Kkraa @ Rotsnag Bog
  • Ikkatosh vs Ixxik
  • Owis vs Ixxik
  • Owis vs Og
    • Once coded, Og revives Neerig, Rav, Xulvux, Kkraa, and Ixxik in his space on the Battle Board with 5 Energy each.

Faced with the dilemma of having to battle five Creatures at once, MajorTom attacks and destroys Xulvux. Realizing that each Creature only has 5 Energy, MajorTom begins performing Flash Kicks in order to organize his Location deck. Owis then casts Hymn of the Elements in order to use Earth attacks - then using Terraport to transport them all to the Cordac Falls Plunge Pool - where 5 Damage is inflicted upon all Creatures, destroying all of Hotekk's army upon arrival. With his victory, MajorTom is rewarded a scan of Dranakis Threshold - with the scan itself and the Enigmatic Etude acting as clues to utilizing the portal to the past.

Amzen Drome

"Lord of Treachery"

Unknown Codemaster Drome

When Chaor asks KidChaor to battle Lord Van Blood in Gothos Tower, a player named Matt shows up, offering to battle KidChaor. Agreeing to battle in the Amzen Drome, the two build for a three-on-three match - with KidChaor's army composed of Chaor, Takinom, and Agitos, while Matt's army is composed of Lord Van Bloot, Skithia, and Krekk. The first battle pits Chaor against Lord Van Bloot, and after getting the information he desired, KidChaor forfeits the match.

"BattleDrome of the Sexes"

In an all out battle to prove which gender is superior - PeytonicMaster and Krystella take to the Amzen Drome. PeytonicMaster agrees to use all female Creatures, while Krystella uses all male. PeytonicMaster's army is composed of Quadore, Skithia, Lomma, Takinom, Intress and one unknown Creature, while Krystella utilized Kuhgar, Tharax, Ghuul, Rothar, Zalvar and one unknown Creature.

  • Lomma vs Ghuul
  • Lomma vs Rothar
    • Three battles are not shown or discussed, but given that KidChaor said Tharax came back in a big way - it is most likely that Tharax beat Lomma, then PetyonicMaster's ??? beat Krystella's ???, only for ??? to be destroyed by Tharax.
  • Quadore vs Kuhgar
  • Takinom vs Kuhgar
  • Skithia vs Tharax
  • Skithia vs Zalvar
  • Intress vs Zalvar

In the end, PeytonicMaster is victorious - however because he was using female Creatures, the message as to whether males or females are superior is blurred.

"Battle Lessons"

KidChaor mentions that he once earned seven wins in the Amzen Drome and faced Codemaster Amzen as a result, commenting on the battlegear she used to make Chaor into a shock-absorber. KidChaor was not victorious against Codemaster Amzen.

"Shifting Sands"

MajorTom battles against SlickNick. Though both are Overworld players, and SlickNick expects MajorTom to play with an all Overworld army, MajorTom decidedly includes two Mipedians after his encounter with Tiaane in Al Mipidim. MajorTom's army consists of Tangath Toborn, Staluk, Dractyl Qwun, Arias and Tiaane, while SlickNick chooses Laarina, Raimusa, Zalic, Velreth, Ørth, and Ulfhedinn.

  • Qwun vs Raimusa @ The Forest of Life
  • Dractyl vs Zalic
  • Qwun vs Ørth
  • Arias vs Velreth
  • Staluk vs Laarina
  • Arias vs Ulfhedinn
  • Tangath Toborn vs Laarina
  • Dractyl vs Ulfhedinn
  • Tangath Toborn vs Ulfhedinn
  • Tianne vs Ulfhedinn
    • The battle ends in a tie, as MajorTom sacrifices Tiaane to deal 25 damage to Ulfhedinn, destroying them both.

As SlickNick had no Creatures remaining after the final battle, and MajorTom still had Qwun, MajorTom is declared the winner.


When word breaks out about BattleBoarder's Hoton being able to use an attack called Allmageddon - earning him an undefeated title - everyone wants a chance to challenge Battle Boarder - doing so with six-on-six matches in the Amzen Drome.

Klayotic challenges Battleboarder - though only his battle using Barath Beyond against Hoton is shown, in which Barath gets Hoton down in health - only to have Hoton use Allmageddon and win the match.

MajorTom later challenges BattleBoarder - though only his battle using Frafdo against Hoton is shown, in which Frafdo gets Hoton down in energy - only to have Hoton use Allmageddon and win the match.

ChaotiKween and KidChaor also challenge BattleBoarder - though the battles are not shown - resulting in the same end result as their friends.

Due to his busy schedule, BattleBoarder asks that PeytonicMaster meet him in the Amzen Drome for their match the following morning, allowing him to do some research about Allmageddon. When the time finally comes for the battle, PeytonicMaster puts Ibiaan, Intress, Odu-Bathax, Zhade, Marquis Darini, and Tiaane on his team, while BattleBoarder chooses Mezzmarr, Hoton, Blaizer, Dractyl, Frafdo, and Staluk.

  • Intress vs Hoton @ Ravanaugh Ridge
  • Odu-Bathax vs Blaizer
  • Odu-Bathax vs Hoton @ The Riverlands
  • Ibiaan vs Mezzmarr
  • Marquis Darini vs Dractyl
  • Zhade vs Frafdo
  • Ibiaan vs Staluk
  • Ibiaan vs Hoton
  • Zhade vs Hoton
  • Marquis Darini vs Hoton @ Glacier Plains
    • Flux to Mipedim Oasis, where Marquis Darini's first attack does 10 additional damage.
    • Flux to Fear Valley, where the Creature with the lowest Courage (Hoton) loses 10 Energy

Once Marquis Darini brought Hoton's Energy down to 10, and he was about to power up his Allmageddon attack, he fluxed them to Fear Valley - where Hoton's last 10 Energy was sapped because of his lower Courage, preventing him from using Allmageddon and winning PeytonicMaster the match.

"Fire Fighters"

KidChaor faces HotShot in the Amzen Drome, going in with the strategy of fighting fire with fire. KidChaor's army composes of Magmon, Chaor, Pyrithion, Ulmar, Raran, and Spyder, while HotShot chooses Heptadd, Tangath Toborn, Prantix, Biondu, Kebna, and Laarina.

  • Magmon vs Heptadd @ Ravanaugh Ridge
  • Pyrithion vs Tangath Toborn @ Fear Valley
  • Raran vs Tangath Toborn @ Akarac Cavern
  • Chaor vs Tangath Toborn @ Kiru City
  • Chaor vs Prantix @ Wooden Pillar
  • Magmon vs Biondu
  • Ulmar vs Biondu
  • Ulmar vs Kebna
  • Ulmar vs Prantix
  • Ulmar vs Laarina @ Gloomuck Swamp

Though KidChaor's strategy proved to be rather fruitful, it did not appear to be enough for HotShot - who took the victory for himself in the end.

"The Floundering Father"

After laying witness to Buzz Sr's disheartening coaching methods toward his son, Buzz Jr. - KidChaor challenges Buzz Sr to a match in the Amzen Drome - in order to teach Buzz Sr a lesson, as he himself had given up playing Chaotic in order to coach Buzz Jr. KidChaor's army includes Lord Van Bloot, Raran, Zaur, Drakness, Chaor, and Stelgar - while Buzz Sr. chooses Bierk, Ekuud, Ibiaan, Hota, Khavakk, and Khritlaan.

  • Zaur vs Ibiaan @ Mount Pillar
  • Raran vs Bierk
  • Chaor vs Bierk @ The Riverlands
  • Lord Van Bloot vs Khritlaan @ Gothos Tower
  • Drakness vs Hota
  • Lord Van Bloot vs Khavakk
  • Zaur vs Ekuud @ Mount Pillar Reservoir
    • Transposition Mugic switches out Zaur for Stelgar

With a sweeping five winning battles in a row, KidChaor achieves victory over Buzz Sr, his first on-screen win in the Amzen Drome.

"Putting the Muge in Mugic"

After visiting Broken Edge while the Overworlders are quarrelling with the Mipedians, MajorTom scans a new Mugic created by Hune Marquard called Surge Song. Eager to use the new Mugic, MajorTom puts it in his deck for his next battle in the Amzen Drome. MajorTom's army included Unnamed Overworld Creature, Aggroar, Intress, Neffa, Gespeden, and Maxxor, while his opponent's army included Hammerdoom Chantcaller, Skithia, Dardemus, Narfall, Chargola, and Slufurah.

  • Unnamed Overworld Creature vs Hammerdoom Chantcaller
    • Surge Song enhances the stats of MajorTom's entire army
  • Aggroar vs Skithia
  • Intress vs Dardemus
  • Gespeden vs Chargola
    • Surge Song's effects wear off, leaving MajorTom's army weak and vulnerable.

Fearing for the Overworlders at Broken Edge, MajorTom forfeits the match in order to seek help from Najarin.

Oron Drome

"Going Under"

Oron Drome S2

In an attempt to better understand Underworld Players, MajorTom adopts an Underworld deck for his match against Isalizard in the Oron Drome; much to Isalizard's chagrin. For his Underworld army, MajorTom chose to include Dardemus, Zaur, Rothar, H'earring, Krekk, and Solvis, while Isalizard's Mipedian deck included Uro, Malvadine, Siado, Zhade, Vinta and Tiaane.

  • Zaur vs Siado @ Rock River Canyon
  • Dardemus vs Malvadine @ Underworld City
  • Rothar vs Malvadine
  • Rothar vs Zhade
  • Rothar vs Uro
  • Zaur vs Uro
  • Krekk vs Vinta
  • Zaur vs Tiaane
  • H'earring vs Tiaane
  • H'earring vs Vinta
  • Solvis vs Vinta @ The Lava Pond

Surprisingly, MajorTom took well to his Underworld army, having used strategies previously used by his inspiration, KidChaor, in order to do this; earning MajorTom his first on-screen victory in the Oron Drome.

"The Floundering Father"

MajorTom battles Buzz Jr in the Oron Drome, being rather evenly matched against the Danian player. In the final battle, MajorTom utilized his Aggroar against Buzz Jr's Formicidor. Though it was a close battle, Aggroar emerged as the winner - though MajorTom assured Buzz Jr that it was the toughest battle he'd ever had in the Oron Drome.


Arriving for the first time in Chaotic, PerimPrincess faces Klayotic in her first one-on-one battle in the Oron Drome. PerimPrincess chose to use Kinnianne against Klayotic's Atrapol in Pouril Village - ultimately getting the hang of being the Creature and gaining the upper hand against Atrapol for her first Chaotic victory.

Tirasis Drome


Tirasis Drome

In his pursuit of joining the ranks of the ChaotiKings, KidChaor faces his final task: defeating ChaotiKingDrake in the Tirasis Drome. KidChaor builds an army composed of Tharax, Raran, Kuhgar, Krekk, Ghuul, and Chaor, while ChaotiKingDrake builds an army composed of Creatures from every Tribe: Agitos, Odu-Bathax, Khybon, Deenha, Katarin, and Siado. The first battle pits Raran against Khybon at Castle Pillar, where the Mugician at the top of Castle Pillar helps the wisest Creature, thus KidChaor uses Raran's special ability to gain wisdom for every Underworld beside him on the battleboard to gain more Wisdom than Khybon. This gives him the advantage that he needed, allowing Raran to destroy Khybon. Swiftly defeating each of ChaotiKingDrake's Creatures, KidChaor is welcomed into the ranks of the ChaotiKings - however he ultimately decides to decline the position, as he'd rather be with his old friends than the ChaotiKings.

Imthor Drome

"Battle Lessons"

Imthor Drome S2

PeytonicMaster mentions that he once earned seven wins in the Imthor Drome and faced Codemaster Imthor as a result, commenting on the Creatures he used, particularly when his Malvadine was constricted by an Underworld Creature's tentacles.PeytonicMaster was not victorious against Codemaster Imthor.

"The Birth of Borth-Majar"

KidChaor faces off against Danian player, Sanjay97, eager to use his new scan of Borth-Majar in battle. KidChaor's army is composed of Kuhgar, Borth-Majar, Dardemus, Toadore, Agitos, and Chaor - while Sanjay97's army is composed of Ibiaan, Lhad, Kannen, Mallash, Galin and Skartalas.

  • Borth-Majar vs Lhad
    • Borth and Majar become separated, weakening them and making it easy for Lhad to destroy them
    • Between this battle the next on screen battle, KidChaor and Sanjay97 are brought down to their last Creatures.
  • Chaor vs Mallash
    • Song of Revival revives Borth-Majar
  • Borth-Majar vs Mallash

By having Borth-Majar work together, KidChaor ends up earning his first on-screen victory in the Imthor Drome.

"A Fearsome Fate"

Feeling as though he can get out of his losing streak now that he has a new scan of Maxxor, MajorTom eagerly approaches his battle in the Imthor Drome against FireKing. MajorTom's team includes Owis, Maxxor, Vidav, Katarin, Staluk, and Mezzmarr - while FireKing's includes Pyrithion, Magmon, Cerbie, Strikto, Mishmoshmish, and Bladez.

  • Maxxor vs Cerbie
    • MajorTom learns that there is something wrong with Maxxor, as he has almost no courage, playing through the entire match in order to figure out what is wrong until he and FireKing are down to their final Creatures.
  • Maxxor vs Magmon

As FireKing emerges victorious, MajorTom rushes off to Perim to warn Najarin of Maxxor's dilemma .

"Codemaster Chronicles"

Having earned seven wins in the Imthor Drome, Klayotic challenges Codemaster Imthor to a Drome battle, during which Klayotic's Barath Beyond appears to go up against some kind of Mipedian Warbeast. While Barath tracks the Warbeast by its footprints, he fails to realize that it had stopped in its tracks, and when Barath attempts to surprise the Creature, it instead gets the jump on him from behind, destroying Barath Beyond, giving way to Codemaster Imthor's victory over Klayotic.

"An Easy Win"

In pursuit of his seventh win in the Imthor Drome so that he can have a rematch with Codemaster Imthor, PetonicMaster goes up against numerous players - but finds that he has been on a losing streak in the Imthor Drome for the past two weeks. Though he's confident that he has a chance when battling an unknown player, as the two are brought to their final Creatures, PeytonicMaster once again experiences defeat when his Vinta is coded by his opponent's Krekk.

To get out of his losing streak, PeytonicMaster goes for the easy win by challenging Lu2 to a match in the Imthor Drome - given that her reputation is that of a loser. For Peytonic Master's army, he chooses Ario, Marquis Darini, Shimmark, Biondu, Zhade, and Siado, while Lu2 chooses a mix of Overworlders, Underworlders, and Danians - none of whom can help each other: Junda, Donmar, Vidav, Frafdo, Takinom, and Ekuud.

  • Shimmark vs Junda @ Gothos Tower
  • Ario vs Donmar @ The Riverlands
  • Shimmark vs Ekuud @ Glacier Plains
  • Maruis Darini vs Frafdo @ Crystal Cave
  • Ario vs Vidav
  • Ario vs Takinom
  • Marquis Darini vs Takinom
  • Biondu vs Takinom
  • Zhade vs Takinom @ Underworld City
  • Shimmark vs Takinom @ Iron Pillar
  • Siado vs Takinom

Feeling sympathetic toward Lu2, Peytonic Master attempts to boost her self-confidence by letting her win battles - though she repeatedly accidently destroys herself instead. It isn't until she begins using Takinom that she finally gets a hang of becoming the Creature. However, eventually Lu2 figures out what PeytonicMaster has been doing and is furious, insisting that he play as he normally would and vowing to defeat him - which she ultimately succeeds in doing.

"Train Wreck"

KidChaor faces off against an Overworld Player named OverWarrior in the Imthor Drome, where the two have a rather evenly-matched battle. During the battle, OverWarrior's Attacat defeated KidChaor's Dardemus, while KidChaor's Toxis defeated OverWarrior's Raimusa. The final battle pits each player's final Creatures, Borth-Majar and Attacat respectively, against one another in Castle Mommark - though in the end OverWarrior emerges victorious; prompting KidChaor to seek training from Grook in the Underworld.

"The Eye of the Maelstrom"

PeytonicMaster faces off against an unknown Player in the Imthor Drome, with PeytonicMaster utilizing Maglax against his opponent's Arias in the final Kiru City, where Maglax utilizes his electromagnetism to his benefit, drawing in all the Battlegear of the Armory and then reversing his polarity so as to launch the Battlegear back at Arias, destroying him and earning PeytonicMaster the win.

"Friendly Fighting"

MajorTom challenges KidChaor to a mystery match in the Imthor Drome - with both of them having seven wins, the victor will get the chance to battle Codemaster Imthor. On MajorTom's battle team is Maxxor, Tangath Toborn, Psimian, Intress, Arias, and Najarin - while on KidChaor's battle team is Chaor, Dardemus, Borth-Majar, Ulmar, Takinom, and Lord Van Bloot.

  • Tangath Toborn vs Chaor @ The Crystal Range
  • Maxxor vs Ulmar @ Cuvean Caves
  • Psimian vs Dardemus @ Fear Valley
  • Intress vs Borth-Majar @ The Riverlands
  • Najarin vs Lord Van Bloot @ Stronghold Mourn

The match is called to a halt when KidChaor accuses MajorTom of cheating, citing all the coincidences in their battle that led to MajorTom's repeated victory against KidChaor -particularly when MajorTom equipped Najarin with a Torwegg. Codemaster Imthor intervenes and the match is suspended - with MajorTom being found guilty of his accused crime and being subsequently barred from battling in Chaotic until the Council of Codemasters can discuss the matter. Unbeknownst to those who were witnessing the battle, the entire thing had been set up by the Codemasters in order to get MajorTom closer to a group of wayward Chaotic Players who were destroying Locations in the Overworld.

"Mister E"

After pestering MajorTom to battle him for weeks, Mister E finally get his chance in the Imthor Drome. MajorTom's battle team is composed of Blügon, Nebres, Aggroar, Najarin, Tangath Toborn, and Maxxor - while Mister E's battle team is composed of Ooloo, Ragetrod, Asadab, Gambreor, Kraade, and Milla'iin.

  • Nebres vs Ragetrod @ Underworld City
  • Blügon vs Ooloo @ Glacier Plains
  • Najarin vs Ragetrod @ Underworld Colosseum
    • Ragetrod moves Maxxor into an adjacent space
  • Maxxor vs Ragetrod
  • Aggroar vs Kraade @ Gigantempopolis
  • Maxxor vs Gambreor @ Jade Pillar
  • Maxxor vs Kraade @ Kiru CIty
    • At some point prior, Maxxor also defeats Asadab and Ooloo, while Mister E defeats Tangath Toborn.
  • Maxxor vs Milla'iin @ The Doors to the Deepmines

As it turns out, Mister E had pursued MajorTom so feverishly with battling Maxxor as his main ambition because he'd made a deal with Milla'iin in which he was allowed to scan Ragetrod, Gambreor, Asadab, Kraade, and Ooloo in exchange for intel on how to defeat certain Creatures, including Maxxor, through the viewing of Mister E's memories.

Chirrul Drome

"Everything Is In Flux"

Chirrul Drome S2
MajorTom faces off against Klayotic in his first onscreen battle in the Chirrul Drome. MajorTom's battle team is composed of Mezzmarr, Maxxor, Owis, Crawsectus, Thonder, and Vidav - while Klayotic's battle team is composed of Pyrithion, Miklon, Barath Beyond, Kuhgar, Ghuul, and Magmon.
  • Maxxor vs Barath Beyond @ The Riverlands
  • Maxxor vs Miklon @ The Lava Pond
  • Maxxor vs Ghuul
  • Maxxor vs Pyrithion @ The Lava Pond
  • Maxxor vs Kuhgar
  • Maxxor vs Magmon @ The Lava Pond
  • Crawsectus vs Magmon @ The Riverlands
    • Location fluxed to The Lava Pond
  • Thonder vs Magmon @ The Lava Pond
  • Vidav vs Magmon @ Glacier Plains
    • Location fluxed to The Lava Pond
  • Owis vs Magmon @ The Lava Pond
  • Mezzmar vs Magmon @ Iron Pillar

Though Klayotic equipped Magmon with a Flux Bauble and stacked his Location deck with nothing but The Lava Pond so that Magmon would gain the boost he needed to win every battle, MajorTom's inclusion of Iron Pillar in his own Location deck prevented Magmon from using the Flux Bauble, given that Battlegear doesn't work at Iron Pillar, allowing Mezzmarr to have the upper hand and earning MajorTom his victory over Klayotic.

"Battle Lessons"

ChaotiKween mentions that she once earned seven wins in the Chirrul Drome and faced Codemaster Chirrul as a result, commenting on the Attacks he used, particularly when her Junda was trapped in a bubble and viciously spun by one of Codemaster Chirrul's Creatures' Attacks. ChaotiKween was not victorious against Codemaster Chirrul.

"Rockwave and Roll"

PeytonicMaster faced off against Noisemaker - who happened to be a world famous musician which PeytonicMaster was a fan of. PeytonicMaster set up his battle team like Noisemaker's band, with Ario, Blügon, Maglax, Dasalin, Ørth, H’earring - though this meant that none of PeytonicMaster's Creatures could support one another, as they are all members of different Tribes - while Noisemaker's battle team was all Underworlders: Screamer, Banshor, Bladez, Skithia, Dyrtax, and Cyrenox.

  • Ario vs Screamer @ Wooden Pillar
    • PeytonicMaster refuses to defend himself against Noisemaker - the two make a deal that if PeytonicMaster can defeat Screamer, he would receive tickets to Noisemaker's next concert.
  • Blügon vs Screamer @ Sands of the Unseen
  • Maglax vs Screamer
  • Dasalin vs Screamer
    • Song of Transposition switches Screamer and Cyrenox on the battle board, meaning that Peytonic Master must now defeat all of Noisemaker's Creatures in order to get his tickets.
  • Ørth vs Banshor
  • Ørth vs Bladez
  • Dasalin vs Skithia
  • Dasalin vs Bladez
  • Dasalin vs Dyrtax
  • H'earring vs Dyrtax @ Skeleton Springs
  • H'earring vs Screamer @ The Crypt of Eternal Echoes

Using the Location to his advantage, PeytonicMaster allows Screamer to down his own Energy when his sound Attacks rebound back at him - though H'earring is in danger of being coded first. As such, H'earring calls upon his Stone Mail, which gives H'earring 50 more Energy, but makes it so he cannot move because of the additional weight. Realizing that he may destroy himself if he uses anymore sound Attacks, Screamer elects to take down a chandelier hanging above H'earring instead - but as it falls H'earring uses his own sound attack, Megaroar, destroying Screamer in the process.


Klayotic battle Conner in the Chirrul Drome as part of a plan to cheat PeytonicMaster out of some scans, as the two know that PeytonicMaster couldn't go without a Mipedian Warbeast as a top Mipedian player. In return, Conner would provide Klayotic with his own scan of a Warbeast, Uboraan. The battle pits Klayotic's Barath Beyond against Conner's Blazvatan, with Blazvatan easily coming out on top. Conner then tells those who are watching to meet him in the Port Court - where players would auction off their best scans to trade for a scan of Blazvatan.

"Tale of Two Toms"

Angry that CoolTom is stealing his friends, MajorTom challenges his to a match in the Chirrul Drome. MajorTom's battle team includes Viqtarr, Arias, Tangath Toborn, Vidav, Laarina and Maxxor - while CoolTom's battle team includes Kalt, Viqtarr, Arbeid, Hifdan, Neffa, and Heptadd.

  • Viqtarr vs Viqtarr @ Jade Pillar
  • Tangath Toborn vs Hifdan @ Ulmar's Castle
  • Laarina vs Arbeid @ Fear Valley
  • Arias vs Neffa
  • Vidav vs Kalt @ Skeleton Springs
    • MajorTom, frustrated by his losing streak, bets CoolTom that whoever wins gets to hangout with KidChaor, PeytonicMaster and ChaotiKween, while the other makes himself scarce.
  • Maxxor vs Arbeid @ Fear Valley
  • Maxxor vs Neffa @ Kiru City
  • Maxxor vs Kalt
  • Maxxor vs Hifdan
  • Maxxor vs Viqtarr @ Cordac Falls
  • Maxxor vs Heptadd @ Underworld Colosseum


The betadrome seems to be the training area in Chaotic. In the betadromes you can apparently make up or negate rules, such as in Dual Duel when Tom and Kaz used Chaor and Maxxor together despite them both being prohibited from entering mixed armies.


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