BattleDrome of the Sexes is an episode in the American animated television series, Chaotic. It was first broadcast on 14 April 2007. It is the 12th episode of the 1st season.

Short Summary

Peyton and Krystella clash after a series of snaps leads to a 'Boys versus Girls' match. As the battle of the sexes rages, Sarah tells Tom the story of Intress, a female OverWorld warrior. Tom gains new insights as he learns of Intress's amazing accomplishments and her titanic struggle against one of Perim's most astonishing pieces of BattleGear. Ironically, at the end , it is reaveled Peyton used girl creatures and Krystella used guy creatures, confusing Kaz, Tom and Sarah as this was a match to see who was better, boys or girls.

Plot in Detail

Match Round Up

The first part of a # on # battle between krystella and Peyton.

Peyton vs Krystella - 6 on 6

's BattleTeam (Black)

equiped with BattleGear
  • Mugic
    • Mugic Name here

's BatteTeam (White)

  • Creature
equiped with BattleGear
  • Mugic
    • Mugic Name here

Match Details

BattleDrome: Krellan

? attacks ?



These are some of the things that appeared in this episode.

Italic = First Appearance











After the battle was concluded it was revealed that peyton was using all female creatures while krystella was using all male creatures which left everyone confused as to which gender was actually proven as the best.

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