"The Frozen - mysterious creatures who inhabit Glacier Plains - count Blügon as their friend."
―Card flavor text

Blügon is an OverWorld Creature. He is a blue-furred Elementalist who resembles a cross between a yeti and gorilla. He is sometimes known as "the Cold Warrior" on account of the fact that he inhabits the brutal Glacier Plains.


Blügon looks like a ton of muscle covered in thick, icy blue fur. He often carries a pick, which is handy when climbing up the towering ice walls of Glacier Plain - the ice groaning as Blügon wields the pick with his mighty hands.

Background Information

Blügon is bluff and blustery, just like the Glacier Plains themselves. He jealously protects his private sanctuary of ice and snow. Woe to the foolish UnderWorlder who dares to trespass! Many of Blügon's fallen foes have made the mistake of thinking that Blügon is all brawn, but any Creature who faces him in battle soon discovers that there's much more than muscle under that furry blue facade. Blügon definitely doesn't suffer from "brain freeze"! Blügon has very few friends due to his isolated location; however he does have a friend in the warrior Raimusa, as well as the mysterious creatures that co-exist alongside him in Glacier Plains. These seldom-seen creatures are suspected to be a Tribe known as The Frozen.

Powers and Abilities

Besides being powerful and wise, Blügon has honed his use of the Water Element to near-perfection. In the Glacier Plains, his attacks are almost always icy. They rightly send a chill straight through the hearts of every adversary.

Release and Promotion

Blügon was released as a Rare card in the Dawn of Perim set.

Blügon, Winter Warrior was released as a Super Rare card in the Forged Unity set.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?

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21 Out in the Cold No Yes 45 Rockwave and Roll Yes No 48 Mega Match Yes No 58 Mister E Yes No


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