Blargers was the customer service manager and community manager on Chaotic.


Hi there Chaotic Beta Community! :cool:

My name is Chaotic|Blargers (pronounced Bl-ahr-ghers). I figured now is a good time to re-do my introduction, seeing as a lot has changed since I posted the original one.

I serve a dual role here at TC Digital. First off, I'm the Customer Service Manager. I over see our very capable CS team, and help with some of the more difficult issues and questions, through Helpdesk tickets, emails, and Helpdesk forums as well. I've been in the video game industry for quite a few years now. I started out at TC Digital as a Customer Service Representative last year, right before the Beta site launched to the public. I worked with Chaotic|Sotirios (some of you may remember him - he was the first CSR and now works in our art department) from the beginning, helping build the Helpdesk system into what it is today. Since I started, Wolficus, Nanaue, and just recently Drayfinauk have all joined our CS team. All three are amazing CSR's and have continued to improve the entire CS team with their ideas and abilities. We're continually striving to make the Helpdesk experience a better one. There are some projects in the works that should improve the Customer Service experience beyond what it is today. Keep your eyes open for it!

My other role is as your primary Community moderator. I took over the many Community roles and tasks a few months ago. I'm in charge of making announcements, pinning topics, and more. I can tell you this - I love what I do! Our Community is one of the most fun, energetic, opinionated (in a good way! :wink: ), and active Communities I've seen. I look over all of our forums, and check nearly every post that is put up. Don't forget - I'm always keeping my eyes open! :w00t:

Finally, I help out in any other areas where I can. I've spent many a night late here helping our development and QA teams test the Game Pad and Website.

I've been a big fan of Chaotic ever since I first started working here. My favorite tribe has slowly switched to be the Mipedians due to all of the new abilities in the Silent Sands set. But I like all four tribes to be honest. Favorite Creatures - Iparu (put him in a deck with Heptadd, Crawsectus, and others, and throw an Elementalist Pauldron on him), Blazvatan (I'm sure you can guess why), and the mighty Maxxor (timeless Creature, plus he's my business card Creature!). All of this may change later though... Keep the name Blades in mind. :wink: I love playing against Community members whenever I get a chance. I only use cards I have actually received in packs and Starter boxes when I play online, which makes it a very fun and humbling experience!

Other than Chaotic, I love playing video games (have nearly every system that's ever been out, all the way back to the Atari 2600 through today's 5 main systems), watching movies, hiking, walking, reading, travelling, writing, and a whole lot more!

I already know many of you out there (and have even met some of you in person!), and look forward to getting to know more of our Community as we keep growing.
Have fun playing Chaotic - I'll see you all online! :smooooth:

Blargers Day Off

In Blarger's Day Off, a fan fiction written by Etheto, Blargers runs from the law while fighting the evil Crawsectus. He stumbled into many Chaotic players during the course of the fan fic and even goes on a date with Teia, the first chaotic customer service manager and community manager.


  • "I'm the only one with the "official" Maxxor business card I should say.   I was SO lucky in getting that one too..."
  • It has been revealed that Blargers likes oatmeal.
  • He liked Smash Bros. Brawl (especially the music), and Animal Crossing City Folk
  • He also apparently has a pet cat.
  • Outside of work, he seemed to be physically active: "I hike up a mountain in my neighborhood, and walk around the neighborhood, on the treadmill at the gym"


Fetched from [1]

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