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Blight Fight
Episode Information
Season 2
Official Episode # 16
Original Airdate March 7, 2008
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Tale of Two Toms Newbie
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Tom promises to save the creatures of Prexxor Chasm from the disease that is ravaging them, but the task proves dangerous.


Tom, Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah stop by Lake Morn to see its caretaker Garv. Garv says that he might be able to help if he can obtain a sample of it from Prexxor Chasm. Tom runs into Smildon when it comes to obtaining a piece of it. When he runs into the slimy disease, Tom is saved by Smidon and manages to obtain a sample.

Back at Lake Morn, Garv studies the sample and manages to find a way to develop a serum which is placed in a crystal-cased spear. When Tom gets its attention, Smildon is ambushed by an infected creature and drops the spear containing the serum. Smildon defeats the creature and grabs the spear as the disease collapses on him. The serum has been successfully thrown into it and the disease dissolves. Tom manages to obtain a scan of Smildon and a blight-free Prexxor Chasm.

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Velreth-VT97  6973 QQ69

Maglax-L4C9 KHK3 UPM7

Hoton-BGP9 M8N8 92Y7

Smildon-J6B6 TL89 4377

Prexxor Chasm- Z4E3 Y9Q6 9FN9

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