Bruiser33 is a chaotic player who traded ReggieOne a Castle Bodhran Scan. MajorTom put his Maxxor card on the line to get a Castle Bordran Scan. Tom lost the battle and his Maxxor card. Bruiser33 has shocked that Tom was more bumbed about Reggie than his Maxxor card that he gave him his Castle Bordran scan.

Episode Information

Bruiser was Tom's opponent in Castle Bodhran or Bust Part 1. This was a wager-battle in the BetaDrome. Tom and Kaz needed the Castle Bodhran scan, to help them find ReggieOne. Bruiser refused to battle Kaz, who was more experienced then Tom, since he had an UnderWorld deck. Bruiser wanted Tom's Maxxor card.

They had a 1-on-1 battle, Tom/Maxxor vs Bruiser/Frafdo. Eventually Frafdo won, and Tom gave up his Maxxor scan.

However, when Bruiser heard that they needed the Bodhran Castle scan to help a friend, he gave them one of his scans. Since he had multiple copies of the location card, he went back and scanned it a few times. Although to keep up his reputation, Tom and Kaz aren't meant to tell anybody.

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