Canon of Casualty is a Mugic Card.

Card Background

When one hears the sound of the Canon of Casuality, fear is terrible and immediate. The Canon of Casualty is among the most potent UnderWorld Mugic, castable only by those inhabited by the great Mugicians of the UnderWorld. From a distance it has a certain beauty, like a solar flare, but its terrible effect in Perim is a fearsome, fiery column that deals appalling damage!

The Card

Canon of Casualty is one of the most powerful UnderWorld Mugics

Deal 20 damage to target Creature
vEven before the first three notes finish playing, OverWorlders scramble for the nearest shelter.


Canon of Casualty is an extremely powerful and efficient mugic, costing only one counter but dealing high damage. The spell's high damage can easily tip a battle in the user's favor. Two of this spell can be used to snipe low energy creatures in the opposing army such as other muges.

In the Show

Card Owners


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