Castle Bodhran is a Overwolder Location Card.


Castle Bodhran lies in the southeast of Perim. It’s a dizzying place to visit. There are doors below your feet. Stairs ascend sideways. Floors are seen where ceilings ought to be. Yet, no matter where you stand, you’re always right side up!


From the outside the castle looks normal but in the inside it is totally bizarre.

Background Information

Though Frafdo guards this magical fortress, he is away from time to time, since Maxxor depends on him to carry out many important missions in Perim. Yet there is always somebody “at home” in Castle Bodhran. Many OverWorlders stop here when they are traveling in the south, to rest or just to see its remarkable interior. There is a running joke among the OverWorlders that many of the castle’s visitors never leave - because they can never find their way out!



Card Text

Iniciative: Stat Power Power

At the beginning of combat, each player may return a Mugic Card from their discard pile to their hand.

This strange stronghold is built in a style that might be best called “bizzarechitecture.”


Castle Bodhran is a crazily-built fortress guarded by Frafdo. Used-up Mugic can be revived here.

Basic Stats

Card ID 116
Card Type Location
Rarity Super Rare
Location Initative



In the Show



In the Show

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