Castle Bodhran or Bust: Part 2 is an episode in the American animated television series, which was first broadcast on 31 March 2007. It is the 10th episode of the 1st season. It's the second of a two-parter.

Short Summary

Tom and Kaz head to Castle Bodhran in Perim to recover Reggie's missing Scanner, but they end up captured by Frafdo and  Maxxor in their search for Reggie.  Tom and Maxxor must overcome their distrust for each other for their own survival, against the Mipedians.

Plot in Detail (incomplete)

While the Earth TomKaz, and Reggie are waiting for the Chaotic counterparts, Tom and Kaz are captured by Frafdo and imprisoned at Castle Bodhran.  There Tom and Kaz meet Maxxor for the first time.  Much to Tom's excitement.  But Maxxor does not trust humans, since Reggie gave half the map to the Cothica to Frafdo in exchange for a scan, and left for the Mipedian Oasis where he hid the other half and did not return.  Naturally, Tom is angry that Maxxor does not trust him because of a human that possibly got captured.  Maxxor then senses a Mipedian stalker, Zhade, who followed Tom and Kaz.  Now that a Mipedian knows of the map to the Cothica, Maxxor and Frafdo take Tom and Kaz to the Oasis to retrieve the second half.

Meanwhile, Peyton and Sarah try to get Reggie's scanner from Dractyl's nest, but end up getting caught in Dractyl's trap.  Luckily, Peyton and Sarah easily use Dractyl's cowardice to get him to help them and get the scanner back.

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  • When Reggie asks if the Cothica is real, Mudeenu becomes visable and says "Just because you cant see something, doesnt mean it isnt there." which is a quote from the 1998 film "Small Soldiers".

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