Castle Mommark is a location in the OverWorld.
Castle Mommark


Mommark lives in this castle. This is where he creates freaky creatures. Before
Castle mommark
he creates his beasts, Staluk will set out to collect biological speciemens from around Perim, while Ettala guards the castle. Then after Mommark is satisfied with the amount of speciemens he's collected, he'll haul them back to his lab to his at Castle Mommark. Then he mixes, matches, and mutates everything. And, BOOM! He comes up with twisted new life forms.

The castle has appeared in two episodes of Chaotic. The first it made an appearance was in Stelgar Strikes. Tom Majors, Kaz Kalinkas, and Peyton go there to get some great scans. But they accidently unleashed Stelgar.

The castle made another appearance in Train Wreck. Kaz vs. OverWarrior. The final location was Castle Mommark. Kaz chose Borth-Majar to attack Attacat. Kaz led OverWarrior into a part of the castle Mommark called his Vivitorium. He sprang the trap he'd set for Attacat. But Attacat leapt out of the trap and nailed Borth-Majar with his Plasma Pounder.

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