"It's rumored that the most vicous creature in perim is imprisoned here, but only Chaor truly knows."
―Unknown, Promo Castle Pillar

Castle Pillar is a location that exists in the UnderWorld


Navigating Castle Pillar is a challenge. Parts of the interior move with gear-like precision, staircases flatten, chambers rotate. There are traps that can only be avoided by solving intricate puzzles. The puzzles grow more challenging as you proceed upward, so that it takes great Wisdom to reach the top of the pillar, the dwelling place of a powerful Mugician. There are also many valuable (and possibly dangerous) secrets stored up there - secrets that must never be revealed to the unwise. Some speculate that below Castle Pillar is the most Visous creature in Perim and that the Mugition is only a distraction to keep people from releasing it. However Chaor is the only one who knows for a fact if this is true or not...and he's not telling.


Castle Pillar is a vast repository of ancient Perim knowledge, hiBackground, and Mugic that has been carved and constructed from one of the UnderWorld’s gargantuan pillars. Inside, Creatures find a complicated network of chambers and corridors, built just like a huge, 3-D puzzle.

Location Residents

  • A giant creature who lives below?

The Card

Initative : Stat Courage Courage

At the beginning of combat, the engaged Creature with the highest Stat Wisdom Wisdom gains Mugic-Gen.



The ancient Mugician who lives in Castle Pillar only inhabits the wisest Creature who comes to him.

Both library and prison, many believe the secret to the Cothica is locked away within its tomes.

Basic Stats

Card ID 118
Card Type Location
Rarity Ultra Rare
Location Initative


TV Show

Card Owners

  • Kaz
  • Tom
  • Tom's Opponent in Putting the Muge in Mugic

In Perim Appearances



One of the many pillar cards there is like: Iron Pillar, Jade Pillar, Stone Pillar, Wooden Pillar, etc.

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