Chaor the Fierce

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The Fierce

Card Information
Card Number Forged Unity-{{{number}}}
Card Type Creature —

Uw UnderWorld Creature

Rarity Ultra Rare2.4
Biograhpical Information
Gender Male
Eye colour Blue
Loyalty Underworld
Enemy M'Arrillians,Lord Van Bloot and his followers
Televisual Information

Chaor the Fierce has hard unbreakable lava-like skin and carries a gigantic, sharp axe. He appears in the show in the episode "Legions of Aa'une" in the M'arrillian Invasion season; he teamed up with Maxxor and Iparu to defeat the mighty Aa'une.


After being exiled from the Underworld and removed from the throne by Lord Van Bloot, Chaor hyped himself up with mugic in an attempt to become more powerful. The extensive use of mugic gave him extra strength and ultimate mastery of the fire element, at the cost of wisdom, courage, speed and mugicians. (he used them all up).

Chaor and the Underworlders who were with him when Van Bloot took over escaped to the OverWorld. Chaor learned of the Tribal Alliance plans to capture Aa'une. He equipped himself with Telebracers to secretly tag along to take down Aa'une. Then in an attempt to become more powerful, he used lots of mugic on himself. He then proceeded to help Maxxor get to Aa'unes chamber to transport Aa'une to Lake Bla'Keer where Aa'une would lose all of his powers. However due the plan having been made by Tartarek who was under the control of the M'arrillians, they found out that they had been tricked and that Aa'une actually would become more powerful. After Aa'une overpowers both Maxxor and Chaor, he throws Maxxor into the lake. As proceeded to throw Chaor, however, he was stopped by mugic cast by the real Maxxor in his Xerium Armor. The Maxxor thrown into the lake rises back onto the rocks, and shapeshifts back into Iparu, his true form.

Maxxor joins the fight with his new armor, and right when the battle is looking up, A'aune reveals he has a true form as well, and morphs into a terrible sea creature. Iparu matches Aa'une's sea creature as he morphs to buy some time for Maxxor and Chaor to come up with a new plan. They devise a scheme to hit Aa'une with a positively charged attack, then force him into the negatively charged waters of Lake Bla'Keer. They manage to pull it off, and as Aa'une plunges into the water, the waters neutralize as they destroy him on a molecular level. The brainwashed legion of tribes at Kiru City are able to shake off the mind control and push the M'arillians back behind the Doors of the Deepmines.

The Card


Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :
Mug Mugic Counters : 0


Element fire 10

Unique, Loyal

Exiled from the Underworld, Chaor has lost his homeland and his throne. But his anger still rages, and it drives him forward.


Chaor the Feire is an amazing front liner for any underworld Elemental team, especially when focused on fire moves, on a team with others like Magmon the Engulfed and Slufurah the Treacherous Translator.


Chaor TF

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