This manual of style is to advice editors on how articles should be developed.

This guide is currently under construction, please add any suggestions to better it on the talk page.

In listing formatting dos and dont's, it's aimed in helping keep the wiki structured and grounded; keeping it easy for readers and editors to find what they're looking for. Serving up your all-purpose community Chaotic guide with well... a little less chaos than should be expected (you saw that one coming didn't you?).

For information on the most basic writing techniques and styles, which are used here, see Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Layout guide

All pages should follow the structures defined below. These can be generated by clicking on one of the preload buttons, when starting a new page.





  • (Infobox, Main Quote and Lead)
  1. Character Origins
  2. Appearance
  3. Background Information
  4. Personality and Behaviour
  5. Connections
    1. Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies
    2. Enemies
  6. Card Details
    1. Basic Stats
    2. Textbox
  7. Strategies
  8. Release and Promotion
  9. TV Show
    1. Appearances
    2. Cards and Scans
  11. Gallery
  12. Notes
  13. Related Articles
  14. External Links



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