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ChaoticCode is an official website from 4KIDS.


The Original Nine Virtual Cards Scan Quest

Validity Card(s) Bonus Content How to Get Notes
11 Nov 2006 Toxis (Creature) Scanner Game Answer: UnderWorld
18 Nov 2006 Junda (Creature) OverWorld Map Answer: UnderWorld
25 Nov 2006 Lake Ken-I-Po (Non-Creature/Location) +10 000 4Kids Points Answer: Najarin
2 Dec 2006 Arias (Creature) Chaotris (Formerly AOL IM- Chat with Tom) Answer:UnderWorld Real answer was OverWorld, but only UnderWorld is valid. AOL IM is now invalid.
9 Dec 2006 Torwegg (Non-Creature/BattleGear) Secret Message, from Kaz and Tom Answer: Air
16 Dec 2006 Siado (Creature) Capture Your Codes Game Answer: Mipedian
23 Dec 2006 Notes of NeverWhere (Non-Creature/Mugic) UnderWorld Map Mugic Due to a glitch, they had the wrong picture for this card, but it's now been fixed.
30 Dec 2006 Gespeden (Creature) Chaotic Jukebox Answer: OverWorld
6 Jan 2007 Dardemus (Creature) Yet to be released Just Click, when you have all eight previous cards.

The New Scan Quests

Validity Card(s) Bonus Content How to Get Notes
3 Feb 2007 Mezzmar (Creature) Coming Soon Keyword: Perim
10 Feb 2007 Ettala (Creature) Chaor Spikes (Avatar Item) Just Click
17 Feb 2007 Hoton (Creature) Online Colouring Pages Keyword: Castle
24 Feb 2007 Mishmoshmish (Creature) Code Scan Game Keyword: Speed
3 Mar 2007 Prantix (Creature) Memory Game
10 Mar 2007 Quadore (Creature) Scan Quest
17 Mar 2007 Ulfhedinn (Creature) Scan Quest
24 Mar 2007 Agitos (Creature) Scan Quest

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