Chaotic Creature Quiz 100:25

Chaotic Creature Quiz 1

Quiz 1: Which Creature is the Fastest?

Anwser: Khorror: 100,Gan'nim 15, Magmon 45 

Quiz 2: Which creature is a Warrior?

  • Chaotic Creature Quiz 200:38

    Chaotic Creature Quiz 2

 Arrthoa. Captian of the Ezoa Arrthoa.

Answer: Arrathoa is a scout, Tharc is a muge, Stelgar is your warrior

Quiz 3: Which Creature does the most damage with a Earth Pulse Attack?

Answer: Blaizer is the only one that has just an earth element.

Chaotic Creature Quiz 300:29

Chaotic Creature Quiz 3

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