"I know you can (handle a 6v6 match), but can you handle... Ursis?" -Codemaster Crellan to MajorTom

CodeMaster Crellan is a character in Chaotic as well as the CodeMaster in charge of the Crellan Drome.


Crellan (in his human form) is a regular human teenager. He has black-brown hair and dark eyes. He wears a sort of blue turtle-neck and grey jeans. In his CodeMaster form, he wears a long mask, and has a white robe with a large blue collar, standing at a menacing 6'8".

Character History

When Tom was looking to get a scan of Maxxor while he was taking a walk in Rock River Canyon, Crellan (in human form) lured Tom to him. He persuaded Tom to fight him in the BetaDrome, and soon revealed himself as Crellan. He encouraged Tom that he didn't need Maxxor to win, however even the CodeMaster's speech couldn't stop Tom from quitting Chaotic (temporarily) in a future episode.

Tom and Crellan face each other again in The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 1 and Part 2. Ironically, Tom defeats Crellan with the use of Maxxor, partly due to his new confidence.

In the Show

Crellan is the CodeMaster of Wisdom, and is a firm believer that knowledge wins battles and not powerful cards. He has an unusual interest in Tom.



  • Lavalanche





Codemaster Match against MajorTom

  • Maxxor vs Smildon
  • Maxxor vs Glektod
  • Tangath Toborn vs. Ursis
  • Blaizer vs Cromaxx
  • Deenha vs Cromaxx
  • Deenha vs Cromaxx
  • Tartarek vs Cromaxx
  • Tangath Toborn vs Cromaxx
  • Antidaeon vs Glektod
  • Antidaeon vs Proboscar
  • Maxxor vs Proboscar
  • Tartarek vs Cromaxx
  • Maxxor vs Ariak
  • Maxxor vs Cromaxx



  • All of Crellan's creatures are from Prexxor Chasm, making them look like they are from prehistoric times.
  • Tom faced off against Codemaster Crellan and won within 14 battles, as compared to when he faced off against Codemaster Hotekk and won within 11 battles.

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