"How did you pick your creatures -- eenie, meenie, minee, mo?"
―Hotekk to Tom, Hotekk's Challenge

CodeMaster Hotekk is a character in Chaotic, and CodeMaster of the Hotekk Drome.


Hotekk is fully clad in a floor length flowing white robe, accented with many geometric blue patterns, pointed silver pads rest atop his shoulders running down into frequently clenched gloves. Atop his head, adorned his CodeMaster helmet, topped with two, almost bunny like points.

Character History

Hotekk is extremly stern and aggressive towards the players he plays against.

One day CodeMaster Hotekk gave a call to Peyton to retrieve some M'arillian scans. After Peyton had barely obtained the scans he headed to the Beta Drome to wait for the trade as instructed. Peyton noticed that he was wearing sneakers, jumped Hotekk and opened his mask, revealing Tom! Tom explained that Klay tried to fool Peyton into getting him the scans because he was too afraid of the M'arrillians to get them himself.

The real CodeMaster Hotekk later challenged Tom to a match after he won seven matches in the Hotekk Drome. He gave Tom a hint, by his Mugic: Enigmatic Etude, about using Dranakis Threshold as a portal to the past.

In the Show






CodeMaster Match Against MajorTom

  • Maxxor vs Ixxik
  • Mommark vs Neerig
  • Wrenges vs Rav
  • Wrenges vs Kkraa
  • Mommark vs Xulvux
  • Mommark vs Ixxik
  • Hoton vs Kkraa
  • Ikkatosh vs Kkraa
  • Ikkatosh vs Ixxik
  • Owis vs Ixxik
  • Owis vs Og (+Ixxik, Neerig, Rav, Xulvux & Kkraa)


  • When Tom faced off against CodeMaster Hotekk, he managed to beat Hotekk within 11 battles, as compared to when he beat CodeMaster Crellan within 14 battles.
  • The only matches won by CodeMaster Hotekk against Tom were using either Ixxik or Kkraa.
  • He could be the only known antagonistic Codemaster.

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