Codemaster Imthor
Codemaster Imthor
Biograhpical Information
Code Name Codemaster Imthor
Gender Male
Height 6'10"
Loyalty Codemasters
Televisual Information
Portrayed by Dan Green
First appearance Fighting Friendly
Last appearance Ongoing


"I've deactivated your scanners until we settle this Manner"
―-Codemaster Imthor, season 2/Episode 1: a Rare hazard

Codemaster Imthor is the CodeMaster of the Imthor Drome. He, along with the other CodeMasters were set to fully debut in season 4. However, Chaotic has been put on hold (seemingly indefinitely) due to legal dispute. He demonstrated his administration abilities in Fighting Friendly where he launched an investigation into Tom's cheating.

Character Origins


  • Codemaster Imthor is gold-plated with three large spikes on his golden helmet acending from the top with green eyes. His robe is metallic and cylindrial and his hands are adorned with fingerless golden gauntlets.

Background Information

Personality and Behaviour



CodeMaster Match Against PeytonicMaster

All prior battles are unknown, though it is implied that CodeMaster Imthor won almost, if not all, preceding battles.

  • Malvadine vs.Unknown Cephalopod-like Underworlder

CodeMaster Match Against Klayotic

All prior battles are unknown, though it is implied that CodeMaster Imthor won almost, if not all, preceding battles.

  • Barath Beyond vs Unknown Invisible Creature


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies


TV Show

Made a brief appearance in "Fighting Friendly" and made another appearance on "A Rare Hazard.





  • CodeMaster Imthor is known to have beaten both Peyton (PeytonicMaster) and Klay (Klayotic).
  • Despite both Tom and Kaz claiming to have been one match away from a CodeMaster Match against CodeMaster Imthor in Fighting Friendly, neither pursued said match after their true motives were revealed in A Rare Hazard. While Kaz's six wins are justifiable given his preparations with Peyton leading up to the CodeMaster match, Tom may not have actually had six wins in the Imthor Drome and was instead making a front to go along with the CodeMasters' plan. This being said, it's left unclear as to why Kaz at the very least never pursued his CodeMaster match.

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