Chaotic M'arrillian Invasion - Scanner Promotion00:00

Chaotic M'arrillian Invasion - Scanner Promotion

The Code Scanner is a device used in the hit TV series Chaotic.The video is a commercial for the virtual Scanner given out at 4Kids.TV


When used in the animated series, the user uses this to scan new things, ranging from creatures to locations, and giving players the ability to communicate with each other. In order for the Scanner to transport the user to Chaotic, they must receive a special code to type into their Scanner. While active in Chaotic/ Perim the owner can not use their online deck.


A scanner has 4 types of scan slots:

These slots can be locked once filled to prevent something from being overwritten when attempting to scan something of the same type.

Scans can be only saved in the Chaotic, and cannot be overwritten once saved.

It is unknown how many scans can be saved on a single scanner, but it is assumed there is no maximum limit in the series.


Chaotic players may use their code scanner to transport a copy of themselves between Chaotic and the real world, and between Perim and Chaotic. Chaotic can only be teleported into or out of by means of scanner, and can only enter and leave from special teleport pads in its "Port Court." Players cannot transport between the real world and Perim directly. If a Chaotic player is in Perim, they may use their code scanner to transport themselves to any location that they have a saved scan of. Scanners cannot be used for transportation by anyone other than the person who enters the Chaotic access code into them.


As mentioned above, there is a virtual Scanner given out at 4Kids.TV when Chaotic gets popular. Other merchandise includes 5 collectible tins with a piece modeled after the Scanner. They come in color code as follows:

  • Overworld- Blue
  • Underworld- Red
  • Mepedian- Yellow
  • Danian- Brown

There is also and exclusive Black tin. The Scanner case, can hold 48 cards, the lower section can hold 200.

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