Coil Crush is an Attack Card.

"'The Coil Crush is a special Attack that deals little damage but may effectively disarm an opponent.'"
―Portal to Perim,

Attack Origins

Background Information

When a Creature launches a Coil Crush (usually with an arm, a tail or other appendage), the target is gripped and crushed in a way similar to the attack of a boa constrictor. This often does a limited amount of damage. However, if the Power of the Coil Crush is great enough, it will destroy a target Creature's Battlegear. This Attack can be of great strategic value, and it is only used by Creatures with great Power, such as Grook, Velreth or Lord Van Bloot.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 3
Base Damage : 5
Fire Damage :
Air Damage :
Earth Damage :
Water Damage :


Stat Check Stat Power Power 75: Destroy target Battlegear equipped to opposing Creature.

Insight on Card Abilities



Coil Crush is a rare and quite expensive Attack, with a build cost of 3. It deals only 5 damage, but, if the wielder has Power of 75 or greater, the Battlegear of the target opponent will be destroyed.


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