Colosseum Showdown
Episode Information
Season 2
Official Episode # 4
Original Airdate U.S.A: Oct 4, 2008

Canada: 16 Feb 1, 2009

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The Floundering Father Rockwave and Roll
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During a scan quest, Peyton and Sarah encounter the biggest creature they've ever seen. Kaz, Tom, Sarah and Peyton decide to track down the giant. H'earring helps Tom and Kaz find Kughar who recently fought the creature, but trouble comes for Kaz he bumps in to a short creature called Hammerdoom Chantcaller, who challenges Kaz to the colosseum after Kaz nearly implies that Hammerdoom is short, and challenges Rothar immediately after Rothar calls him "puny."  Kaz hopes Hammerdoom will lose to a tough and giant creature like Rothar, but Hammerdoom defeats Rothar.  Kaz tries to ask Chaor to end the match, but an Underworld rule is that the competitors must battle or be banished from the Underworld.

Just as the battle is about to begin, Sarah and Peyton retrun with the solution. They find the creature they spotted eariler, only it's not a creature but rather a new kind of Battlegear created by Ulmar called the Gigantroper. Thanks to the Gigantroper, Kaz is able to win the match and Chaor steps in to prevent Hammerdoom from bothering him again.  But Ulmar challenged Kaz to a fight with the larger and improved version of the Gigantroper.

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