Cordac Falls is a Overwolder Location Card.


Cordac Falls is one of the great wonders of Perim. A huge river fed by the melting snows of Glacier Plains pour a constant stream of water into a colossal plumber's crack in the ground. The force of the falls generates an immense amount of Energy.

Background Information

There have been many duels fought at Cordac Falls. Creatures from across Perim are drawn to this spot, not only because of the Energy they gain but also because it provides a passage from the OverWorld to the UnderWorld. Owis had a notorious battle here against Ekuud. Both fought fiercely. After an intense struggle, Owis knocked Ekuud off of the falls with a Telekinetic Bolt. It might have been the end of Ekuud, but the Danian had a Flux Bauble and survived to fight another day.

Card Text

Iniciative: Ow OverWorld

At the beginning of combat, all engaged Creatures gain 5 Energy until the end of the turn. Cordac's teardrops plunge into the abyss with nary a splash or spray…


The roaring waters of Cordac Falls energize all Creatures who pay a visit here.

Basic Stats

Card ID 119
Card Type Location
Rarity Common
Location Initative



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