Cordac Falls Plungepool is a Underwold Location Card.


After plummeting for miles, the waters of Cordac Falls crash down into the UnderWorld. The Cordac Falls Plungepool is a violent Location, with stinging spray, slippery rocks, and turbulent vortexes. All Creatures who battle here sustain damage.

Background InformationEdit

Though the Cordac Falls Plungepool is a punishing place, it does provide an open route between the OverWorld and UnderWorld. Flying OverWorlders (usually on some secret mission) sometimes take the risky trip downward. Kerric has been charged by Chaor to keep watch on the pool and report any intruders. He once caught Dractyl trying to slip into the UnderWorld this way. Kerric immediately launched a Shadow Strike Attack that sent the cowardly Creature flapping back up to the OverWorld.


The card shows water falling from high above and many stone faces drooling water.

Card TextEdit

Iniciative: Uw UnderWorld

At the beginning of combat, deal 5 damage to all engaged Creatures.

…and strike the lake miles below, exploding outwards into the fray.


Creatures who visit the Cordac Fall Plungepool always find it to be a damaging experience.

Basic StatsEdit

Card ID 120
Card Type Location
Rarity Common
Location Initative



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The text is the second half of a sentence that is shared over Cordac Falls (location) and Cordac Falls Plungepool.

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