The Cothica is the source of ultimate power in the world of Perim.


All four of Perim's tribes are desperately searching for the Cothica, because each knows that whoever controls this great power will be able to shape the future of all of Perim, for better or for worse. If you unscramble the word Cothica you get chaotic. Phelphor claimed that the Cothica was discovered by the M'arrillians and used it to build a grand civilization.

But the other tribes grew jealous, suspecting the M'arrillians were using the Cothica and launched an all-out attack but were repelled. The M'arrillians then retreated into the Deep Mines, where they hid the Cothica. But it's unknown if anything Phelphor said about the Cothica has any truth to it.

Rumor has it that Heptadd found the shining power orb of Cothica five hundred solons (Two Hundred Years) ago, and absorbed some energy.

Recently, a Mipedian by the name of Taffial has gone on a quest to find the Cothica.

Over in the dig sites of the City of Kehn-Sep, found by Taffial. The creatures uncover an item called the Cothica Tablet. Though the tablet answers many long-debated questions, apparently not everyone likes the answers.


  • Some think The Cothica is housed somewhere inside Kaizeph.

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