Crawsectus is an OverWorld Creature. He resembles a red lobster.


Crawsectus is a large, exoskeletal Elementalist. In combat, he scuttles across the battlefield on his six legs, brandishing his great claws. His red body makes it hard for him to hide, but it makes no difference as hiding is a strategy that he rarely needs to use.

Background Information

Though he’s been known to ply the raging rivers and swift-running streams of the vast OverWorld Riverlands, Crawsectus is most frequently found lurking in the murky backwaters of the dreary, dismal Gloomuck Swamp. That’s because the Swamp is where Crawsectus keeps a lookout for errant enemies trying to trespass into OverWorld territory.

Special Abilities

Being one of the OverWorld Elementalists, Crawsectus utilizes both Earth and Water attacks.

Release and Promotion

Crawsectus was released as a Super Rare card in the Dawn of Perim set.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?

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4 Over Under Rent Asunder Yes No 8 Everything is in Flux Yes No





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