"Cromaxx is one of the fiercest creatures that ever existed. I've never faced a player that's beaten him" Codemaster Crellan

Cromaxx is a Past Tribeless Creature

Character Origins -Cromax is a Creature living in Prexxor Chasm.


Cromaxx comes from the same family as Maxxor. There are a few similarities in their appearance, however, there is a major difference in their builds.

Maxxor is an average build creature, while Cromaxx is savage, barbaric and has a more gorrilla type build.

He was said to have attempted to kill Codemaster Crellan while he was scanning him. As a resident of Prexxor Chasm, he is surrounded by the likes of Smildon, Ursis, Proboscar, Ariak, and Gleptodd at all times, keeping him on his toes.

Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies


Card Details

Cromaxx jumps down
Chaotic Cromax by E Mann