Crystal Cave is a Location in the OverWorld.


Crystal Cave is located within the Riverlands, in the southwestern part of the OverWorld. The sharp, jutting crystals that give the cave its name can injure battling Creatures or deflect their attacks. Quick reflexes are essential here.

Background Information

The cave was discovered by Blazier, who was exploring the Riverlands in the aftermath of an earthquake. A section of the canyon wall had collapsed during the quake, revealing a cave entrance. Curious, Blazier entered the cave and was amazed by the incredible display of red crystals. Blazier was later attacked at Crystal Cave by Siado, who -- while invisible -- tracked the OverWorlder there. Though badly injured, Blazier luckily had a Song of Resurgence Mugic and restored himself to health.


It is a cave full of red crystals that will reflect any attack or mugic that hits them.

Card Text

Iniciative: Stat Speed

The engaged Creature with the lowestStat SpeedSpeed deals 0 damage on its first attack.

The ancient Mugicians mined the hardest substance in all of Perim to protect their mystical melodies.


Speed is a definite advantage when Creatures battle in the beautiful but treacherous Crystal Cave.

Basic Stats

Card ID 121
Card Type Location
Rarity Uncommon
Location Initative



In the Show

Card Owners

  • Player Name


  • Unexpected
  • While during the first battle between Maxxor/Tom and Malvadine/Peyton, Maxxor wandered into it and was coded after a rust toxic and a liquidlizer attack from Malvadine.


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