Cyclance is a Battlegear Card.

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Card Information
Card Number ((DOP))-137/232
Card Type Bgr Battlegear
Rarity Template:Text-((R))
Televisual Information


The first Cyclance was created in the Mipedim Oasis for Prince Mudeenu. He commissioned it for use in a friendly duel against Marquis Darini, a noted Air Attack specialist. The duel ended in a draw. Darini was so impressed with the Cyclance that he asked the Prince to supply his personal legion with the Battlegear. Over the years, as they were stolen, captured and copied, use of Cyclances slowly spread to the other Tribes of Perim. However, Cyclances manufactured by Mipedians are still considered to be the best. This lance-like Battlegear can literally blow enemies away - or give them an electrifying shock! The Cyclance is extremely valuable to Creatures who don't specialize in Air Attacks. Once sacrificed, this Battlegear can only be used in a single battle.

The Card

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Card Owners

  • peyton
  • Tom


  • Episode

Welcome to Chaotic (Part One) when Tom was playing on the laptop, you'll hear him say,"Maxxor attacks Rothar with a cyclance."




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