The Danian Tribe are a race of an ant-like creatures. Their race lives in the heavily fortified Mount Pillar, a location in the UnderWorld. There is a class system containing Mandiblors, the soldier class, and nobles. Danians are mainly Earth Element Users. They are also known to attack in great numbers, and can thus unleash more power though use of the Hive. Some have the power to assimilate other tribes' creatures with parasites, thus effectively making the infected creature a Danian whose loyalty is to the hive. They are ruled by Illexia, the heavily-guarded Queen of the Danians.

Danian Society

Danians have a very structured society with a definite class system. Mandiblors are the lowest and do duty as guards, workers and soldiers. These are overseen by their squadleaders. Above them, acting as unit leaders are Danian Battlemasters, who also can act more independantly than the units of Mandiblors. Much like an ant colony the majority of Danians are male "drones" and their society is matriarchal, the head female being their queen. Acting outside the usual structure of the Danian hive are their Muges and warriors.

Danian Mandiblors

The lowest rank in Danian Society, Mandiblors get the worst Jobs. From the drudgery of maintaining Mount Pillar and its reservoir of water, to any and all tasks of the lowly foot soldier. Mandiblors strength is in their numbers and almost any Danian army is going to have a large amount of them. Illexia's guard is made up of an elite type of winged flying mandiblor.


Typically Mandiblors are of red coloration, with green or gold markings typical. They all have the same body structure being quadrupedal and two manipulative arms, largely ant-like in appearance. Flying mandiblors typically have translucent blue wings.


Many of the "Hive" abilities that the units of a Danian army will have are dependent upon the numbers of mandiblors in the army. Consequently this makes Danian armies stronger the larger they are and makes them tougher opponents in 6 vs 6 matches or more. To make the Hive contribution significant the army will need 3 or 4 mandiblors.

Danian Squadleaders

Squadleaders command small units of mandiblors and are drawn from their ranks. Mandiblors showing promise of leadership abilities may be promoted. They are typically given one or more squads to command in battle.


Because they are drawn from the ranks, most Squadleaders are similar in appearance to the Mandiblors they lead. This may make it difficult to specifically target them.


Typically a Squadleader will have the ability to activate Hive, usually by the use of Mugic. They do not count as mandiblors though, so you'll usually limit your army to one which you can protect in your second line in a 6 vs 6 match.

Danian Battlemasters

Danians with an special aptitude for strategy may be placed above their brethren to the rank of Battlemaster. When a Mandiblor is born it may be marked as such. They usually have the ability to enhance the mandiblors under their command. Wamma was the first mandiblor to be promoted to battlemaster but was demoted back to mandiblor shortly after for helping Sarah get a scan.


Battlemasters appear different than Mandiblors despite coming from the same stock. Often their color sets them apart and they will usually take to walking bipedal, leaving four limbs for manipulation. (See Odu-Bathax)


Battlemasters usually have abilities to enhance the Mandiblors under their command or sometimes bring them back from the dead (otherwise known as the discard pile). Combatively, they are usually weak, so should be protected in the back rows.

Danian Nobles

The next rank up in Danian society generally lead large units of Danian forces into battle. Nobles are far more independent than their brethren in the lower ranks and display a wider range of personality. As such they inspire fear both into their enemies and the Danians they command. The nobles are generally subordinate only to the Queen, but vie amongst themselves for personal power.


Danian Nobles are notable for their gray to black bodies with greater protection than Mandiblors, with red and black marked limbs. They are also marked by their green mandibles and more ferocious faces. Nobles also have an extra set of limbs than the lower ranks of Danians walking on four legs, with four manipulative arms. Some may also have wings similar to the winged Mandiblors.


A Danian Noble will usually be a Danian army's "killer unit" when hive is activated they can be unusually tough, if they're backed up by enough Mandiblors. You'll usually want to place this unit front and center.

Danian Controllers, Muges, Warriors and Elementalists

Any of the ranks whom show especial aptitude in a particular area may be taken aside to be trained further. They may come from any stock, and usually retain their base designation. In combat they may be attached to units of Danians to provide support, or have very specific functions. For example Odu-Bathax's prime job is guarding the North gate to mount pillar.


Illexia is the mother of all danians and as such their leader. She was later succeded by her daughter princess Aszil.

Notable Danians

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"Assimilated" Danians

At the moment it is not yet revealed how Danians treat new inductees into their tribe.

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