Darthor was a lead game designer for sets.


Hi Chaotic Community!

It’s long past time that I introduced myself. My name is Chaotic|Darthor. Forgive me for not posting an intro earlier. I’ve been busy helping to make the next sets of Chaotic as awesome as they can be.

I’m lucky enough to work in Game Design. We work on the rules of Chaotic and the cards that come out in each set. It’s our job to make sure the game is fun. Which is a very fun job to have! The job is great as not only do I get to contribute to such an awesome game but I also get to interact with the other designers (Majesk, Cyklik, Equinox and Soop’erkuld) and Dragonix (Organized Play Manager) every day. They are all great guys, co-workers, and friends. In addition to those guys we also have the rest of the TC Digital team who I’m honored to work with and who are a blast.

I’ve been with TC Digital since the fall of 2007. The first set I impacted was Silent Sands. I’ve worked on every set since then. Recently I’ve started Lead Designing sets. The first set I was the Lead Designer on was Turn of the Tide. I did the same job on Forged Unity and hope to lead design many other Chaotic sets.

I don’t usually post on the forums but I read them a lot (as do all of the designers). My favorite sections are the Strategy and Deck Building forums. I’ll be contributing to the “Codemaster Chronicles” column on regularly and will be happy to answer any questions you have (just post em to this introduction thread).

Another great thing I get to do is travel to conventions and meet Chaotic fans. The enthusiasm and coolness of our fans is my constant inspiration. I highly suggest that you get yourself out to these great events and I look forward to seeing you there or even playing you in a Codemaster Challange.

Let’s Get Chaotic!


  • "I didn't come up with Warbeasts but I was involved in designing how they would work (Recklessness) and how they interacted with Conjurers."
  • "Game Design is both hard and worth it for the fun of it! Seriously I think one of the paths to happiness in life is making your hobby or something you love into your career ."


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