Degenervate is an Attack Card.

"''Degenervate can cut any Creature down to size ... but at a price."
―Portal to Perim,

Attack Origins

Background Information

The Degenervate Attack is a destructive Attack which degenerates both Attacker and defender. It diminishes the Defender's Courage, Power, Wisdom and Speed as it removes the Attacker's Water Elemental skills. Using Degenervate, however, is difficult. Playing it may inadvertently hurt the user more than help them. One Creature who particularly likes the Degenervate Attack is Nauthilax, who uses it to improve his Wisdom, Power, Speed and Courage compared to those of his opponent.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 0
Base Damage : 0
Fire Damage :
Air Damage :
Earth Damage :
Water Damage :


Element water Water: Opposing Creature loses 25 Stat Courage Courage, Stat Power Power, Stat Wisdom Wisdom, and Stat Speed Speed until the end of the turn. Your engaged Creature loses Elemental Type Element water Water until the end of the turn.

Insight on Card Abilities



With a Build Cost of 0, Degenervate is a very cheap Attack. It deals no damage but potentially lowers an opponent's Courage, Power, Wisdom and Speed at the cost of the wielder's Water Element skill.


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