Diamond of Vlaric is a Battlegear Card.

Diamond Of Varlic
1.1 BG Diamond Of Vlaric
Card Information
Card Number Dawn Of Perim-138
Card Type Bgr Battlegear
Rarity Rare Rare
Televisual Information


The Vlaric Mines, where the diamonds are found, lie deep beneath the peaks of Ravanaugh Ridge.Both OverWorlders and UnderWorlders head in, digging in dark, twisting tunnels for valuable diamonds, gems and shards to use in the creation of Battlegear. The Diamond of Vlaric is especially valued by UnderWorlders, since few of them are experts in Earth Attacks. UnderWorlders who possess Diamonds of Vlaric guard them jealously. It is named after Maxxor's ancestor, Vlar. The powerful Diamond of Vlaric is often worn on a chain around the neck. It may look like jewelry, but this diamond is dangerous!

The Card

The Card allows you to sacrifice it to gain the element earth for one turn

In the Show

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Tom Majors


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