OverWorld Caretaker

DOP-EN007 Donmar - DOP
Card Information
Card Number OverWorld-
Card Type Creature —

Ow OverWorld

Biograhpical Information
Gender Male
Loyalty OverWorld Tribe
Enemy UnderWorld Tribe
Inhabits Runic Grove
Preferred Location(s) Forest of Life
Preferred BattleGear Vlaric Shard
Televisual Information


Cau(OverWorld) Donmar, Tablet Translator


It almost seems as if Donmar has somehow merged with the subject he studies. His skin looks like the wood of an old tree – warm, golden brown with dark lines and knots. His limbs are long and slender like the branches of a tree.

Background Information

Donmar is the devoted Caretaker of the Runic Grove. The Grove earned its name from the many small runes etched into its trees and their massive roots. The runes fascinate Donmar, and he is determined to discover why they appear. He knows they are created by the use of Mugic, and some believe he already has secret knowledge of their meaning. In any case, his obsession with the Runic Grove has caused a startling effect: he seems to be becoming part of the Grove himself, in both mind and body.

Special Abilities

Though not considered one of the strongest OverWorld Muges, Donmar is a skilled Mugic user. In addition to the use of generic and OverWorld Mugic, Donmar has somehow learned to channel raw Mugical energy, in order to effect amazing healing.


Donmar is an OverWorld Caretaker who studies the Runic Grove. His Dawn of Perim card also said that the Runic Grove is a possible cause for his dementia.

Basic Stats

Card ID 153
Tribe Overworld
Rarity rare
Mugic Ability 2
Courage 45
Strength 65
Wisdom 65
Speed 50
Energy 45
Creature Height 7 feet
Creature Weight 257 pounds
Favorite Battlegear Mugician's Lyre
Favorite Location Runic Grove

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
27 An Easy Win Yes No
42 Dangers of Diplomacy Yes No
74 Loser's Circle Yes No

Card Owners

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