Dractyl is an OverWorld Creature. He resembles a pterodactyl with dragon wings.



Dractyl looks like a humanoid cross between a Pterodactyl and a dragon.His "feathers" are really scales, which H'earring loves to eat. His coloration is primarily red with black and orange bands.


Character History

Dractyl is known as the only OverWorld bird-like pterodactyl creature, that sheds his scales. He is known to be a coward and can be frightened easily, even though he is supposed to be an OverWorld Scout. However, he is still a loyal OverWorlder.

Dractyl was watching from out of sight when the Chaotic player ReggieOne lost his Scanner while being captured by the Mipedians. He took the scanner for himself, but later handed it over to Sarah.

Later Dractyl assisted Sarah and Peyton in getting to Tom and Maxxor's group in order to assist them. Maxxor used a Fortissimo mugic on Dractyl to make him big enough to airlift all of them out of Mepidian lands.

The Card

Dractyl can attack through creatures and move one extra space. He has good stats except for his Courage, which can be increased with Battlegear.

In the Show

Kaz would often collect Dractyl's old scales for H'earring to eat. When Dractyl caught Kaz collecting them he asked what the boy wanted them for. And was disgusted when he found out.


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
6 The Thing About Bodal Yes No
9 Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part One) No Yes
10 Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part Two) No Yes
13 Battle Lesson Yes No
15 Shifting Sands Yes No
17 Scavenger Scan No Yes
18 Allmageddon (episode) Yes No
21 Out in the Cold Yes No
22 ChaotiKings Yes No


Dractyl is one of the creatures on Tom's BattleTeam.
In Part 1, Kaz tries to get Dractyl Scales, for H'earring to eat. He finds ReggieOne's Scanner, and Kaz later scans him.
Later they meet Dractyl again, in Part 2. Tom gets Maxxor to use a Fortissimo mugic on Dractyl to make him big enough to airlift them out of Mepidian territory.


  • Kaz scanned Dractyl in "Castle Bohdran or Bust Part 1", and is one of the few Overworlders that Kaz has in his Underworlder-dominant deck. On the card he has four toes but in physical form he has three toes.


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