Dragon Pulse battlegear card

Dragon Pulse


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Card Information
Card Number Dawn of Perim-139/232
Card Type Bgr BattleGear
Rarity {{text-Common}}
Artist Andrew Bradshaw & David Curiel
Televisual Information
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BattleGear Origins

Ulmar designed this Battlegear specifically for Krekk, a notorious coward. The gargoyle-like UnderWorlder had been sent by Lord Van Bloot on a spy mission to the Mipedian desert. Krekk was terrified to enter enemy territory and went to Ulmar for help. The inventor gave Krekk his first Dragon Pulse prototype. The Battlegear worked perfectly, giving Krekk the Courage he needed to carry out his mission. In gratitude, Krekk sometimes brings Ulmar inside information about Van Bloot's schemes. With its twin, fire-spewing serpents sculpted from Icirian bronze, the whirling Dragon Pulse is truly an intimidating sight. It's no wonder that the Creatures who carry it feel such brash confidence. This fearsome Battlegear comes from the UnderWorld.

Background Information

Card Information


Equipped Creature gains 25Stat CourageCourage.


Release and Promotion

TV Show


Dragon pulse

Cards and Scans


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