"Chaor is my hero. And he is real" - Kazdan

Short Summary

After writing a school essay about the how Chaotic is a real place, Kaz is sent to a psychologist by his worried mother. Kaz better prove he’s trie telling the truth about Chaotic -- before his mother took Kaz's scanner.


After writing a school essay about how Chaotic is a real place, Kaz was sent to his school's psychologist by his worried mom. Unless he could come up with a good explenation, his mom threatened to take away his scanner for good. Kaz tries several ways, but since things could only go into Chaotic, but not out, he had run into a delema. After several failed attempts, he was told by his psychologist that he would no longer be aloud to have any connection with Chaotic. His mom later gave Kaz back his Scanner and access to Chaotic. She still didn't believe him, but she figured that since Chaotic wasn't harming him in anyway, and going with out it was making him depressed and causing a drop in his grades, she gave him back the privilage. The psychologist later found out that Kaz was telling the truth and that Chaotic was a real place. He learned this after learning that his son, Paul, had met Kaz in Chaotic.

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