"fear the enemy, yes. But fear me more" - card text Ekuud is a Danian Creature.



Ekuuds History

Ekuud is a Danian Noble. The status is rather self-explanatory. He rules the mandiblors in a rather demanding way but is known for his loyalty to the Hive and deep down, he really actually cares about the mandiblors and squadleaders under him, he just doesn't show it so as not to show weakness and inspire is subordinates. He may seem cruel at times but none can question his superb ability as a commander. He knows the Danian's true strength is in numbers and relies on the ability of the hive to fight. His favorite BattleGear is the Vlaric shard and his favorite location is Mount Pillar.

Ekuuds Card

Ekuud has good stats with an incredible ability. If used correctly, he has absolutely massive potential.

Ekuud TV

Card Owners

  • Lulu
  • Player Name
Sarah-Is one of the main characters in the show who plays with danians


  • Episode
he appears in episode the 'Floundering Father'
and 'An Easy Win'
  • Episode
  • The Floundering Father -Tom plays a danian player whos another players dad who is his sons coach

Character History

Ekuuds wisdom is possibly his greatest weakness. His power and his other stats are average to good. Not much is known about Ekuud besides him being a noble.

Ekuud Trivia

Ekuud's name is often use disparagingly amongst Chaotic players. "Last one there is a rotten Ekuud" -Peyton

Ekuuds Notes

Ekuud is infamous among the mandiblors for his seeming ability to, in one way or another, hear every conversation in the entire Hive. He is an skilled mugician.

Ekuuds Loyalieties

Ekuud is completely loyal to Queen Illexia. He hates Prince Mudeenu and Mipedian Royals.