Elixir of Tenacity
Elixir of Tenacity
is a Battlegear Card.


When a Creature must race to a friend’s rescue or face down a frightening foe, the Elixir of Tenacity can help. Strong Creatures often quaff the elixir when they need more Energy. The strange ingredients in this magical potion must be gathered from all over Perim.

Background Information

The ingredients of the Elixir of Tenacity vary slightly from Tribe to Tribe, but the same basic ingredients are found in all formulas. A cup of murky water from the Gloomuck Swamp is essential, as is the juice of a Danian fungus fruit. It’s important to add a pinch of dust from the Darkened Dunes in Al Mipedim and three drops of molten magma from the Lava Pond. The resulting concoction is mulled for more than a month, and then poured into a specially-crafted glass container.


The Elixir of Tenacity increases Courage and Speed. Powerful Creatures also get an Energy surge.

Basic Stats

Card ID 54
Card Type Battlegear
Rarity Unknown

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